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Here at Game Gold Review, we are among the most well known of Game Gold review sites. Each month we manually check all of the leading gold sellers in every MMORPG so that we can provide you with a list of only the cheapest, fastest delivering gold sellers in the market.

As our motto goes: Why spend hours finding the cheapest gold merchant when you have Game Gold Review to do the work for you?

Located to the right is a menu where you can choose the game you’d like to buy gold from. ¬†We list our most recommended gold sellers in those games, which is updated monthly. Below is a list of our “all round” highest, and most recommend gold sellers.


#1 – Guy4Game (visit merchant)

This month, a new gold merchant has taken us all by surprise Guy4Game. Offering perhaps the most competitive rates in the industry for the month we checked, and also with an exceptional, dedicated customer service department, we feel that hands down, Guy4Game deserves our leading recommendation for the best overall gold merchant.

Delivery has always been prompt for our test purchases, and something that this company offers that other larger gold merchants lack is the "personalized" approach that is offered to customers. You really feel like you’re dealing with a real human every time you order from Guy4Game.

If you’ve ever had troubles with any other gold merchant, or even if you haven’t, we highly recommend you now give Guy4game a go.

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This is our way of saying thanks to all our users for using our review site.

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#2 – IGE (visit merchant)

Throughout our reviews, IGE has consistently ranked first place in games that they provide gold for, and they are our most recommended gold merchant.

Their delivery times have always been fast, their customer service has always been superb, and time and time again they’ve been able to undercut their competition by always offering the cheapest gold available.

We don’t know how IGE does it, but not only do they provide the best service out of every other gold merchant we’ve ever tried, but they also speak English fluently – which you’ll know to be a huge bonus if you’ve ever bought online gold before. These guys know how to treat a customer.

For the games that IGE supports, they’re quite simply the best. They’ve professionalizaed the gold selling industry, and they have our highest recommendation.

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#3 – MySuperSales (visit merchant)

Coming in second place is MySuperSales. This company has been around from the beginning, back in the days of the original Everquest. Being one of the main pioneers of gold farming, they’ve helped evolve and shape the industry into what it is today.

The days when players had to do business with non English speaking gold merchants are now over, thanks primarily to MySuperSales, and the incredible level of professionalism and competitive pricing they’ve provided over the years.

This company knows what they’re doing when it comes to selling in-game gold and items. They’re one of the old dogs, and you can be confident that if you’re buying from them, you’re going to be getting among the cheapest gold prices in the industry, matched with very quick delivery.

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