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Allied races in WoW Shadowlands - All changes at a glance

A few days ago, the secret about the release of the eighth WoW expansion "Shadowlands" was revealed. In the accompanying pre-patch, fans will be able to enjoy numerous updates. Also included are some adjustments for the unlocking and individualization of the allied races. We have compiled all the information for you below.

Reputation requirements for allied races removed

As the developers of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) have announced in the course of the release date show, the required reputation requirements of the allied races will also be dropped with the Shadowlands pre-patch (version 9.0.X). In order to play the individual races, you will only have to complete the quests of a certain area.

Allied peoples of the alliance

Allied peopleNeeded success
Void ElvesNow you are prepared!
Lightforged DraeneiNow you are prepared!
Dark Iron DwarvesPrepared for war
Kul'TiransA united nation & waves of vengeance
MechagnomeThe Mechagonian Threat

Allied Peoples of the Horde

Allied PeoplesRequired success
High Mountain TaurenNo mountain too high
Mag'har OrcsArmed for war
Zandalari TrollsZandalar forever! & Waves of vengeance
VulperaSecrets in the sand

More customization options for the allied races

With WoW Shadowlands, numerous races will get new customization options - including the allied races. Even if the adjustments are not as radical as with the older races, we can still fall back on significantly more options now. At a glance, this means:

  • Void elves can, among other things, fall back on new eye as well as skin colors, which means they can now imitate high elves.
  • Mag'har orcs get new eye colors, earrings, piercings and necklaces. In addition, the gloomy orcs are now allowed to make adjustments to their tusks.
  • Vulpera get new eye colors and can customize the texture of their fur separately.
  • Nightborn can now choose their earrings in a "plate" version.
  • Zandalari trolls will be allowed to choose their accessories from different categories and will be able to display multiple pieces of jewelry at the same time.
  • High Mountain Tauren will now be able to differentiate their tattoos into painting and tattoo styles, and will also be able to wear new earrings.
  • Mechagnomes now have access to the same skin tones as their gnome relatives.
  • In addition, all races now have the option to do without their hair. In other words, the future of Azeroth will be bald.

Tradition armor for allied races starting at level 50

In order to unlock traditional armor in Shadowlands, you will need to reach level 50 after the level squish - without the help of a paid character boost.

Starting areas of the allied races in Shadowlands

While in Battle for Azeroth allied races were allowed to start at level 20, this will be adjusted with the Shadowlands level squish. Allied Races will therefore start at level 10 and can immediately level through any expansion thanks to Chromie Time.

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