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Classic WoW fan reveals the creepiest Easter Egg ever!

WoW developers are known for their passion and perseverance in incorporating pop culture references into the online role-playing game. This starts with such obvious Easter Eggs as Haris Pilton in Shattrath or the entire John J. Keeshan experience in the Red Ridge Mountains. Or Harrison Jones in Uldum. And that ends with the really mysterious things for which there is no obvious explanation.

For example, there would be the children from Stormwind, who always roam the Alliance capital in the shape of a pentagon (or pentagram, depending on how you want to draw the lines), into the forest of Elwynn, and culminate in a house with a strangely creepy atmosphere (thanks to music) staring at the wall. Or there's the never-officially-accessed Upside-Down Sinners Room in the basement of Karazhan

, which was flooded to the ceiling with brackish water in which chained corpses floated - upside down. Also read these interesting stories70

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A new level of macabre

If you want to watch the video of House Hexagon, bring a basic understanding of the English language and a little bit of time. The video, which has a running time of 21 minutes and was released back in August 2021, explains to you one of the most unknown and strange Easter Eggs of WoW (buy now )

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Did you watch the video until the end and are similarly mindblown like us?

Even though the video of House Hexagon is already a few months old: We watched it and it captivated us until the end. Do you think that someone should take a leaf out of House Hexagon's book and the way the Youtuber tells the story? We think so: Yes, absolutely! to the homepage Jump to comments (18) Susanne Braun