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Dragonflight and the new WoW interface: Customizing the UI without WoW addons

WoW's user interface has basically remained untouched for 18 years - until now, those who wanted to change something about it resorted to WoW addons from the community, such as Tukui's popular ElvUI. But this could now get official competition. Because in the context of the announcement of the upcoming WoW expansion Dragonflight, the developers have revealed, in addition to many cool innovations such as the return of the talent trees, dragon riding and the first race-class combination Dracthyr, also a revision of the interface of WoW


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New interface does not replace addons in WoW

Don't panic: This announcement does not mean that WoW addons will be basically put a stop to. Players will still be allowed to use community tools to customize their interface to their exact preferences. The new interface is simply meant to provide a modern foundation for WoW fans who want to customize their interface but don't necessarily want to use an addon to do so. For example, you will be able to move minimap, skill bars and (enlarged) health indicators. You can see that well in these images from the livestream from April 19, 2022:

Dragonflight: UI updates and talent tree comeback in video preview.

A relatively classic setting of the new interface of WoW: Dragonflight. Source: Blizzard
In WoW: Dragonflight we can place enemy details and skills nicely together in the interface. Source: Blizzard

Create your own interface for each spec in WoW: DragonflightThe

designers have also made the look more attractive, not just the practical use


Thus, Gryphon and Wyvern remain as "bookends" next to the skills in the skill bar, but just in a modern look. What's especially good is that these differently arranged interface layouts can be saved, copied, and customized, allowing you to quickly switch between various interface looks. The new interface can even remember which spec you're currently playing and then switch to a chosen view. So each play style can have a user interface associated with it.

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