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Fallout 76 players have some fun in newly discovered development room

Fallout 76 players are risking bans to get unreleased items from a newly discovered development room.

Bethesda has another problem with Fallout 76 - it has been revealed that players are entering a hidden development room and filling their boots with unreleased weapons and items. To curb this, the publisher is automatically suspending players' accounts until they receive information about how they managed to get into this room.

News of players getting into the room surfaced on Reddit this week, and a video showing the contents of the area was also posted on YouTube, though the original was removed and then re-uploaded by another YouTuber, PolterGeist.

Eurogamer reports that players on Discord had known about the room for several weeks before it appeared on Reddit, and that several unreleased items found inside may be planned to be dropped in the PvP faction update, such as Winterized, Military, and Atom Cats power armour paints.

An NPC named Wooby was also found roaming around the area alone.

Bethesda is reportedly reaching out to players who managed to get into the area, asking for details on how they got there, adding that player accounts will "simply remain suspended and inaccessible" until it receives a response.

Some players apparently create alt accounts to gain access to the room, and transfer their fraudulently obtained loot to another account before being banned.

The latest patch for Fallout 76 released on PC a few days ago fixed an item dupe bug that caused players to duplicate high-level items and sell them for real money.

Players who entered the dev room and managed to move unspent items before being suspended may also follow suit, causing further shocks to the game's balance and economy.

It's not all bad news for Betheda; its other online jaunt is going from strength to strength, and you can read all about how The Elder Scrolls Online just keeps getting better here.