Fortnite Creative: Island Codes

Creative Mode in Fortnite launched at the start of Season 7, allowing you to create your own map for a mini-game that you can play with friends or share with the community.

Creators can share their Island Codes so other players can come and view, play - and destroy - their carefully crafted maps and creations.

Island Codes are only available to a limited number of Fornite Support-a-Creator members to start using and testing them, but it looks like we plan to make them available to the wider community in the near future.

There are four islands in the Creative Hub that can be turned into islands of code, so take a look at what some of the best members of the Fortnite community have created. There's a whole bunch of resources, prefabs, vehicles, and weapons available in Creative, so some maps are race-oriented, others are designed with Battle Royale in mind, and others are just fun multiplayer maps.

Here are some of the ones we tried out thanks to Reddit. Some are suitable for a stealthy round of Battle Royale, some are endlessly frustrating mazes, and some are just really cool to look at and admire. If there's a Creators map you love that we missed, leave us a comment and we'll add it to the list.

Fortnite Creative: Island Codes

Sanicle Sanctuary - 3538-5162-6769 "A small, decrepit biochemistry institute overrun by Plague and Scourge".

Frya's Jungle FFA Map - 1426-5874-8120

This jungle map was great fun to play in a kids Battle Royale game. A lot of time and effort went into carefully placing trees and building houses, so it's perfect for playing hide-and-seek - or hide-and-shoot - with your buddies.

Sniper Sanctuary - 9844-6533-5227

Fluff Factory - 1295-7270-1724 "Producing our adorable fluffy companions".

Crazy Corridors - 7496-7723-9592 "Find a way out!"

This one froze my mind a bit, as I struggled to find the exit and ran around in dead ends and in circles for a while. It's a good laugh and quite frustrating at times, so it's worth gathering a group of voice chat buddies for this map.

Dubious District - 2081-3809-5406 "The first team to reach the top and open the Llama wins the game!".

Smash Maze - 0583-7656-7481 "Break through walls and find your way to the rift. Race your friends or try to complete each of the 8 mazes by yourself!"

Escape Maze - 1820-7750-3131 "Explore the maze, find chests, avoid traps and use found items wisely. Find a gap to escape!"

Covet - 9433-0114-4732 "Stealth Gameplay Evolved. Eliminate enemies safely from the "shadows" without drawing attention to yourself"

This map offers plenty of platforms and nooks and crannies to hide around, and it's visually very noisy, so spotting enemies can be quite difficult. You really have to jump to get around, risking elimination, so time your jumps and shots as you dash around in this new installment of stealth gameplay.

Ice King Deathrun - 9841-9769-7317 "Climb to the top and take your place on the Ice Throne."

Bounce Pad Arena - 8792-1332-7866 Watch out for enemies flying through the air as you bounce around the map.

Trash Compactor! - 2365-9717-9130 Avoid the shopping carts!

Fortnite Season 7 Weekly Challenges

There are plenty of challenges to complete in Fortnite Season 7, and here's how to complete them:

Week 6 Challenges

  • Search for the Cool Gnomes

Week 5 Challenges

  • Dance on top of the Water Tower, the Guard Tower, and the Air Traffic Control Tower.
  • Search between the Giant Rock Man, the Crowned Tomato, and the Surrounding Tree.

Week 4 Challenges

  • Launch the Fireworks
  • Step 1: Look for the letter "O" west of Pleasant Park (0/1)

Week 3 Challenges

  • Ring the doorbells at different named locations in one match
  • Search between three ski lodges.

Week 2 Challenges

  • Play the piano near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge.
  • Take part in a dance-off at an abandoned mansion (HARD).

Week 1 Challenges

  • Dance on top of a crown of campers
  • Dance in a variety of forbidden locations