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Geralt from The Witcher will join Monster Hunter World in February

The Monster Hunter World x The Witcher collaboration event has received a solid date.

Capcom announced today that Geralt of Rivia, the hero of the Witcher series, will be added to Monster Hunter World on Friday, February 8. This date only applies to PS4 and Xbox One, with PC coming at a later date.

The event is part of a partnership revealed late last year and will be made available via a free update. At the time, Capcom said it would be more than just a character model, but the company has yet to explain what that means in terms of gameplay.

However, we do know that Doug Cockle will return to voice the character, so it's possible.

Capcom also revealed the start and end dates for the first Appreciation Fest in 2019. This first iteration runs from Saturday, January 26 through Friday, February 22 - meaning it will be active when Geralt joins the game.

The Appreciation Fest dates, unlike most Monster Hunter World events, apply to all three versions: PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Also, it's unclear whether or not the Witcher event will be available in-game permanently, though today's tweet announcing this news doesn't include an end date. Much of this will become clear when Capcom officially releases content details.