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We are pleased to announce that we will be aiming to be the first site to review Guild Wars 2 Gold merchants when the game is released. Release is expected sometime in 2010, and of course, many of the leading merchants will be offering Guild Wars 2 gold. The problem however is the unknown. Whilst many sites may sell Guild Wars 2 gold when the game is released, it may take a couple of months before farmers find the quickest and easiest ways to farm gold in the game, and provide to the new market.

The result of this will be price fluctuation. Initial Guild Wars 2 Gold prices will most likely be very expensive, and will lower slowly over time once easier ways to acquire gold are discovered. Our aim when reviewing the Guild Wars 2 gold merchants will be to find those which offer the cheapest, best gold selling service, with the fastest delivery times.

You can be sure that we at Game Gold Review will be making it our priority to quickly test the leading sites that sell Guild Wars 2 Gold, find the cheapest, and provide to you a list of them here. We plan for our review to be ready within only a couple of weeks of the game’s release (if that). So bookmark this page, and stay tuned for the latest news on Guild Wars 2 Gold.

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