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Mysterious! New WoW version in the Blizzard CDN - or a new WoW product?

Every now and then you can find news about new WoW or Diablo builds in Blizzard's CDN here on buffed.de. This is interesting in most cases, but not really a groundbreaking thing, because these builds are almost always encrypted and from our point of view there is not much more we can do with them than share the information with you. Inference is impossible in most cases. But now something has happened in the Blizzard CDN that can at least be described as unusual. Is it related to potential announcements of a next WoW expansion (say, WoW: Ashes of Galakaros

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What is a CDN anyway?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and refers to an online network through which Blizzard's devs can exchange data or work on different builds of their games from different locations. Not only since the rampant Corona pandemic and the associated home office regulations has such a CDN been useful for working remotely on WoW, for example. Of course, the data in the CDN is encrypted, so normal gamers can't do anything with it. But a few conclusions can be drawn from the names of the endpoints, i.e. the storage locations.

World of Warcraft | The Mysteries of the Dragon Isles

And just on February 15, 2022, those watching the Blizzard CDN noticed that such a new save endpoint was created by Blizzard employees, called wowdev3.

What could be on wowdev3?

One of the Blizzard watchers who noticed the "opening" of wowdev3 is Martin Benjamins and he brings some context to this. "Blizzard shipped a new (probably encrypted) WoW product/endpoint called wowdev3 about an hour ago. There is no build on it yet. For comparison, wowdev is used sparingly for mainline (e.g. 9.x), while wowdev2 was used for TBC Classic. [wowdev3] Could be used for 3.4 (WotLK Classic), 10.0, or both."

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Furthermore, he states, "It doesn't share a CDN folder like wowdev and wowdev2, but instead uses a new and therefore perhaps its own encryption key compared to wowdev/wowdev2. We probably won't know more until they actually push the first build on it."

So what could this be all about? In recent weeks, rumors have repeatedly made the rounds that a Warcraft or even WoW game for mobile devices could be released soon. The alternative, of course, would be a new WoW expansion. In the wake of the "Ashes of Galakaros" rumors, it was claimed that the expansion should have been announced on February 18, 2022, so there's still time for that. Or, as Martin Benjamins has suggested, it could be the first build for Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Regardless of what it is, it at least appears that the coming days could be exciting again for WoW fans.

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