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New DLC pages on Steam make browsing game add-ons much easier

Valve has made a major update to the way the game store pages on Steam display DLC.

It's no secret that the DLC organization, and the way add-ons are displayed in the Steam store, has been in shambles ever since the feature was introduced.

It always felt like an ad hoc solution that was never updated in a meaningful way to deal with the huge increase in DLC content for games. Valve apparently agrees, as Steam has finally made some key changes to make reviewing DLC much less of a hassle.

For starters, all games that sell DLC content now have a dedicated page for all their add-ons. No longer are you doomed to a long list on the main store page. This already makes browsing add-ons more convenient, but there's another, equally important change.

Developers now have the ability to tag and sort multiple pieces of content into different lists. For example, a game might have a DLC list for characters, another for cosmetic content, and another for things like 4K texture packs and other freebies.

This is great for games with hundreds of DLC packs like Train Simulator 2019, but it also works wonders for games like Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege.

At the bottom of the new DLC page you'll find other ways to filter content, but the filters themselves look out of place on the DLC page. The engine uses the same layout found on the Steam homepage, so it doesn't quite fit.

For example, on the Siege DLC page, you can filter add-ons by genre, such as strategy, horror, tactics, etc. This obviously doesn't make sense given the context, but the updated page is infinitely easier to navigate overall, so that would be that.