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Patch for Fallout 76 arrives early on PC, fixes issues with perks, weapons, crafting and more

Bethesda has released the latest patch for Fallout 76 early, but only for PC.

The new patch for Fallout 76 is now available on PC and includes over 150 fixes and improvements based on user feedback.

The patch fixes many issues affecting perks, weapons, crafting and more.

Fallout 76 players on consoles can expect the patch to arrive next week on January 14, as originally planned. The patch notes can be found below.

Fallout 76 patch - January 10

Patch version

The download size for this update will be around 4GB for consoles and around 500MB for PC.

  • PC:
  • PS4: Available next week
  • Xbox: Available next week

Just a reminder that PC will receive the update first, with consoles getting it next week. Patch information will remain unchanged pending any changes.


  • Power Armor: Power Armor light has become brighter.
  • Performance: Severalperformance improvements have been made to in-game performance.
  • Stability: The Fallout 76 game client and servers have received additional stability fixes.


  • ChargingBarrels mod: The Gatling laser damage bonus has been increased with the Charging Barrels mod.
  • Shiny Dice: Glowing Cubes will no longer award erroneously large amounts of XP. DevNote: Glowing Ones were giving large XP rewards to bosses, making them very vulnerable to abuse when combined with Nuke Zones.
  • Crafting: Reduced the chance of power generators to spawn fusion cores.
  • Crafting: Set the minimum cost of workshop building components requiring steel, wood, or plastic to 2.
  • Bobby Pins: Reduced the weight value of Bobby pins from 0.1 to 0.001.


  • Teams: Players now receive a notification that "Players cannot create teams from Vault 76" if an invitation is sent to a friend still in Vault 76.


  • PvP: Opening player-owned, locked containers will now be treated as a PVP action, as expected.

Bug Fixes

Stability and Performance

  • Performance [Xbox One]: Blowing up a mainframe core station will no longer cause a performance drop.
  • PC] InfiniteLoading: Fixed an infiniteloading screen that could occur when trying to join a server on PC.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Pip-Boy.
  • Performance: Fixed the performance of the client when Nuke is watching a nuke explode.
  • Performance: Fixed an issue where reading a note would cause the background to hang.
  • Performance: Improved performance in areas with lots of burned statues.


  • Systems: Fixed an issue where items could be duplicated.
  • Controls [PC]: Resetting controls to default no longer makes most Activate prompts unusable.
  • Controls[PC]: Fixed an issue where the controls in the Settings menu would not update when connecting/disconnecting a gamepad controller.
  • Systems: Fixed an issue that allowed armor modifications to reduce carry weight beyond intended values.
  • Systems: Rays will no longer be completely removed when dying multiple times.
  • Systems: Resolved an issue where players could load into geometry after a quick trip.
  • Systems: Fixed an issue where hitting an enemy with a railgun or crossbow would add a projectile to the enemy's inventory.

Art and Graphics

  • Animations: The lever rifle now only reloads the correct amount of ammo.
  • Effects: Consumed Berry Mentats now correctly show purple glowing auras around players and creatures.

C.A.M.P.S, Workshops and Crafting

  • Crafting: Level 25 and higher armor now requires anti-ballistic fiber to craft.
  • Repair: The amounts of components required to repair medium and high level armor and weapons have been reduced to 20%. DevNote: - Repair costs scale with level, and there is room to reduce costs at higher levels.
  • Craft: Anti-Ballistic Fiber becomes required for level 25 armor instead of level 20 as before.
  • Crafting: Updated the recipe for bulk acid to require 15 acid.
  • Crafting: Fixed an issue that prevented players with properly equipped perk cards from creating Antibiotics and Disease Cure (Savage Divide).
  • Crafting: "Hardened Mass" will no longer be scrapped when "Scrap All Junk" is selected.
  • Repairing: Overall repair costs have been lowered for both weapons and armor.
  • Crafting: Anti-ballistic fibers are now required to repair armor at level 25 and above, instead of level 20 as before.
  • Workshops: Fixed issues causing enemies in some Workshops to disappear underground, making Workshops unwinnable. These locations include: Charleston Landfill, Lakeside Cabins, and Sunshine Meadows.
  • Workshop: Fixed an issue where objects in the Workshop would sometimes float when the Workshop menu was closed.
  • Workshop: Destroying a hay feeder along with a fertilizer picker will no longer prevent them from being repaired.
  • C.A.M.P./Workshops: Placing Power Armor workbenches on the foundation will no longer cause them to be placed on the floor/ceiling above.
  • C.A.M.P./Workshops: Fixed an issue causing an "unsupported" error to display when attempting to place a tall or short pole under a roof.
  • Blueprints: Fixed an issue with the cost of wires not being taken into account when storing blueprints.
  • Crafting: Fixed a bug causing some items to not be scrapped via the storage tab.
  • Workshops: Fixed an issue causing some stored items obtained in the Public Workshop to not be able to be placed again.
  • Crafting: Fixed a visual issue with scrapping items in the Crafting menu.
  • Crafting: Fixed an issue where modules cost less steel than displayed in the Crafting menu.
  • Crafting: Fixed a display issue where the wrong number of junk items could appear in the crafting menu.


  • Daily Challenges: Fixed several daily challenges that were not offered on certain days. Note from the developers: These include "Gathering wildflowers", "Gathering multi-fruit plants", and "Gathering wild plants and mushrooms".
  • Daily Challenge: Fixed a bug that prevented some wildflowers from growing in the "Collect Wildflowers" daily challenge.
  • Weekly Challenge: Fixed a bug that caused the weekly challenge "Complete tasks and events in a group at night" to work during the day and only recognize events. It will now search for tasks and events that were completed at night.
  • Weekly Challenge: Changed the weekly challenge description to correctly reflect its direction.
  • Subchallenge: Fixed a bug that prevented some photomode challenges from completing as expected.
  • Sub-challenge: Fixed a bug that prevented some bobblehead challenges from completing as expected.
  • Sub-challenge: Fixed a bug that caused a challenge to be incorrectly marked as completed.
  • LifetimeChallenges: Fixed an issue where some lifetime challenges were restoring progress after logging out.


  • Robots: Fixed an issue that caused robots in Whitesprings to be reborn too frequently.
  • Scorched: Fixed an issue where the Hollow Whisperer could affect Scorched. Note from the developers: The Void Whisperer can no longer be used to pacify Scorched.
  • Scorched: Shooting Scorched in the leg will no longer break his weapon, causing him to not attack the player.
  • Scorched: Fixed an issue where Scorched could use invisible weapons or not appear to fire their weapons correctly.
  • Scorched: Fixed an issue where floating debris and disassembled weapons would appear in Scorched's hands after a kill.


  • Weapons: Fixed an issue that caused plasma weapons, flamers and flamer mods, and weapons with explosive projectile mods to not deal damage to other players and creatures.
  • Armor: Fixed an issue causing players leaving power armor to sometimes appear stretched and unable to re-enter armor.
  • Armor: Fixed several issues that were preventing players from leaving energy armor and sometimes causing the Pip-Boy to become inaccessible.
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue that prevented the Gauss Rifle from being identified as a rifle. Rifle-related perks can now be applied to the Gauss Rifle.
  • Ammunition Vending Machines: Fixed an issue where some ammo vending machines were only selling repair components.
  • Weapons: Legendary Hunter Rifles will now be dropped as loot.
  • Weapon: Fixed an issue where a staff when scrapped would yield the same amount of resources as it costs to craft.
  • Armor: Fixed an issue where some Pocket Chest Pieces would return players to their base weight when they logged back into the game.
  • Armor: Fixed an issue where players could leave behind unusable chassis after leaving Power Armor.
  • Magazine: Consuming the "Life 6" Scout magazine now correctly depletes food and water stats at a slower rate.
  • Weapon: The M79 Grenade Launcher is now recognized in perks as an explosive weapon, instead of being incorrectly recognized as a shotgun.
  • Fusion Cores: Fixed an issue where fusion core generators were producing cores at a slower rate than intended. Their speed is now back to 8 cores per hour.
  • Magazines: Fixed the Backwoodsman 2 magazine to properly increase the damage dealt by the Tomahawk.
  • Mirelurk Eggs: Collecting Mirelurk eggs will no longer result in receiving two separate eggs.
  • Weapon: Fixed an issue where several automatic receiver mods for battle rifles were not receiving the automatic rifle perk bonus.
  • Weapon: Fixed an issue where multiple weapons could be equipped at once.
  • Weapon: The Vampire weapon mod effect now only works when hitting living targets, as intended.
  • Armor: Fixed an issue where Power Armor parts would display on top of previously equipped parts.
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue where hitting an enemy with a certain weapon would add a projectile to the enemy's inventory.
  • Armor: Fusion cores will no longer be replenished to full charge when joining another world.

Tasks and Events

  • "Get a Supply Drop": The "Get a Supply Drop" event will now remove the holotape after it is used with a supply crate belonging to the player who requested the supply drop.
  • Quest: Daily Missile Silo quest rewards are now correctly only obtainable once per day.
  • "Line in the Sand": Fixed an issue with the "Line in the Sand" quest where the already fixed Sonic Generator was preventing the player from completing the quest. The event will now advance to the next stage if the Sonic Generator is already repaired when the event starts.
  • "Recruitment Blues": Fixed an issue with the "Find Junk Mail" objective that was preventing players who changed the world from completing the quest.
  • "Second Helpings": The following markers on the location map are now available after completing "Second Helpings": Slocum's Joe, Gauley Mine, Morgantown Trainyard, and Morgantown Airport.


  • AllNight Long: All Night Long now reduces the increase in hunger and thirst during the night.
  • Overdrive: Fixed an issue where Overdrive was not correctly increasing the % chance to crit.
  • Quack Surgeon: Quack Surgeon no longer allows you to revive enemy players.
  • Strange in Numbers: Strange in Numbers effects now scale correctly with multiple team members (with and without mutations).
  • Refractor: Fixed a bug where each rank of Refactor doubled energy resistance instead of adding +20 as indicated in the Perk card description.
  • Fireproof: Fireproof now reduces damage from explosions and flame attacks by 15% per rank.
  • HappyCamper: Happy Camper now works properly regardless of whether the player is inside or outside their C.A.M.P. when the perk conditions are refreshed.
  • Butcher's Bounty: Fixed a bug that would allow the Butcher's Bounty perk to restart on an already searched creature.
  • Domator: The Domesticator perk now works as intended when you are in a contested Public Workshop.
  • PartyBoy/Girl: Party Boy/Girl now has active alcohol effects on the player.


  • Teams: Players on a team can no longer unfairly block an attacking player when they are trying to take over a workshop. Your teammate will enter PVP with the attacking player.
  • Turrets: Turrets in Workshops will now attack players with whom the Workshop owner is engaged in PvP.


  • Systems: Blocking a player now also mutes their proximity chat.
  • Trade: Fixed an issue where players could see another player's inventory before that player could respond to a trade invitation.
  • Trade: We no longer allow trades to be made before the requested player has agreed to the trade.
  • Trade: Fixed a bug where the tray move menu would display empty after previously trading with another player.
  • Trade: Stimpaks with price set to zero will no longer display the message "use" instead of "accept" in the trade menu.
  • Trade: Fixed an exploit whereby the 5000 limit on player-to-player trades could be removed.


  • Chat: Fixed an exploit that resulted in voice chat not always working properly after exiting the Atomic Shop.
  • AtomicShop: Fixed a bug that caused some elements of the Atomic Shop to lack sound effects.
  • Atomic Shop: The "Waving Santa" sound effect will now only play when in the "on" state.


  • General: Players will no longer receive a pop-up for the Atomic Shop when first Respawning.
  • Resolution [PC]: The Perk Pack opening screen now stretches to the edge on 21:9 monitors.
  • AtomicShop: Players in the Atomic Shop when the Atomic Shop is disabled will now be notified and taken back to the main menu.
  • FOV [PC]: Fixed an issue with scoped weapons not zooming correctly when the default Field of View setting was changed.
  • PvP: Fixed an issue causing the PVP prompt to appear multiple times when the same players were in combat with each other.