The Secret Fish - a guide

This guide describes how to get all the Secret Fish required for the following achievements: Secret Fish of Mechagon and Secret Fish and Where to Find Them. Completing the Secret Fish of Mechagon achievement awards you with the Secret Fish Goggles, which allow you to find secret fish throughout Azeroth. Completing the Secret Fish and Where to Find Them achievement rewards you with the Hyper-Compressed Ocean toy, which creates a giant water ball in which you can fish for 15 minutes.
Mechagon's Secret Fish
The Mechagon's Secret Fish achievement requires you to catch and deliver ten fish to Danielle Angler.
Discord user Kiingy#2452 created a map showing where in Mechagon you can catch these fish. When you catch them, you will automatically be tasked with delivering them to Danielle Anglers.
Secret Fish and Where to Find Them
To complete the Secret Fish and Where to Find Them achievement you must use the Secret Fish Goggles.
When you have the goggles on, a random fish will appear within 40 meters of you every 30 seconds. When you catch it, there is a chance that you will get the "rare secret fish" that is required for the achievement.
Popular fish
You can find the following fish in every zone. There is no need to focus on these fish, as you will probably have them all by the time you are done with the others.
  1. Wandering Gobic
  2. Invisible Mimic
  3. Camouflaged Snark
  4. Collectible saltwater fin
  5. Very tiny whale
  6. Invisible Smelt
  7. Deceptive Maw
  8. The inconspicuous catfish

Tip: The best place to keep these fish is at the top of one of the floating rocks in Nagrand (Outland). Stand on one side of the floating rock as shown in the image below and the fish will spawn on the opposite side.

If you have a friend with Secret Fish Goggles, you can speed up the process and catch fish without much effort or movement.

Timed Fish

  1. Elusive Moonfish - Can only be caught at night.
  2. Golden Sunsoaker - Can only be caught during the day.

Ghost Fish
The following fish can only be found while dead. Make sure you get a buff from the Secret Fish Goggles before falling.

  1. Veiled Ghost
  2. Ghost Salmon
  3. Silent Swimmer
  4. Blind Wally

Tip: One of the best places to catch these fish is the floating island south of Dalaran (Broken Isles). Stick to the edge of the island and the fish will spawn around your character.

The following fish can only be found in specific zones around the world.

Note: Some fish may fall out and you will not be able to catch them, this issue has been reported for Neverest Pinnacle and Nordrassil. To fix this, make sure you approach the zone on foot, without flying or riding a mount.

  1. Mechanized Mackerel - Mechagon
  2. Jade Fish of History - Jade Forest
  3. Kirin Tor Clown - Dalaran (Broken Isles and Northrend), including Margoss's Retreat and Underbelly
  4. Ancient Mana Fin - Astravar Harbor, coordinates 52.8 69.5 in Suramar. You can fish them on top to avoid the demons
  5. Drowned Goldfish - Drowned Lands from Deadwash, coordinates 46 53 in Stormsong Valley
  6. Barbed Fjord Fin - Howling Fjord
  7. Dead Fel Bone - Coordinates 34.5 76.5 in Krokuun
  8. Rotten Cod Blood - Coordinates 55.4 57.9 in Nazmir
  9. Prisoner Fish - Tol Barad (PvP zone)
  10. Thunderous Flounder - Isle of Thunder
  11. Tortollan Tank Dweller - The Drunk Tank, underwater bar under Anyport, coordinates 19.5 42.7 in Drustvar
  12. Queen's Delight - Nazjatar
  13. Displaced Scrapfin - This fish is caught in Mechagon's Alternate Future. To get to the Alternate Future of Mechagon for the first time, you must talk to Chromie at coordinates 70 31 in Mechagon when she is a day visitor. If you've been to the Alternate Future of Mechagon before and have gotten the Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer (a random drop from an npc), then you can craft and use the Personal Time Displacer to travel to the Alternate Future of Mechagon.
  14. Green Roughy - This fish requires the Painted Green buff from Mechagon. You can get it by going over the green puddle from the Mechanocat paint station at coordinates 63 42 in Mechagon.
  15. Thin Air Flounder - Neverest Pinnacle, coordinates 44.5 52.5 in Kun-Lai Summit
  16. Well Lurker - To catch this fish, you must swim down Nordrassil Lake in Mount Hyjal

Hyperspeed Ocean
The reward for completing the Secret Fish and Where to Find Them achievement is a Hyper-Compressed Ocean toy! The Hyper-Compressed Ocean toy creates a huge ball of water in which you can fish for 15 minutes. The loot table for the fish is the same as the loot table for the zone you use the toy in.

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