Vulpera - characteristics

The Vulpera (pronounced "vuhl-PEH-ruh") are a race of nomadic vixens living in the deserts of Vol'dun on Zandalar. Intelligent and resourceful, they roam the dunes in caravans and make their living by scavenging and trading. Though long hunted and enslaved by the sethrak of the Faithless Empire, the vulpera have found the strength to fight back after receiving aid from Horde adventurers in Vol'dun and have now pledged their loyalty to the Horde.
Some vulpera can also be found at sea, most notably as members of the pirate crew of the Bilge Rats in Kul Tiras.
For countless generations the vulper have lived in Vol'dun as free traders and merchants. For most of that time they have been oppressed by the Infidel Sethrak, who has enslaved countless vulpers over the years and forced them to work and fight for himself. The vulpers are a mostly passive people and as such have never been able to stop the sethrak. At least one caravan attempted to defend itself, but met only defeat.
Battle for Azeroth
At the beginning of the Fourth War, the vulpera Nisha devised a plan to take the fight to the sethrak. She warned her caravan leader, Kiro, that the sethrak would eventually attack and that the vulpera must make a pre-emptive strike against the serpents, but Kiro insisted that the vulpera keep their heads down and continue quietly. Shortly thereafter, the forces of the Limitless Faithful, led by Fang Sraka, attacked the caravan at what is now the Abandoned Burrows.
Shortly thereafter, a Horde adventurer and a group of Zandalari trolls led by Bladeguard Kaja flew to Vol'dun to find Kaja's missing superior, Warguard Rakera, and obtain her evidence that General Jakra'zet was a traitor to the Zandalari Empire. The group was shot down from the sky by the Faithless' ruler, Emperor Korthek, but the Vulpery came to their aid: Kaja was found by Meerah and brought to the Vulpery's hideout, while Nisha rescued the adventurers from Faithless' captivity in the Abandoned Burrows and also brought them to the hideout. After Kaja was healed, Kiro agreed to provide the newcomers with safe passage through the desert in exchange for the adventurer helping Vulpera with some tasks. Kiro then sent Meerah to retrieve supplies from Zem'lan's port in the south to begin implementing Nisha's plan. Kaja and the adventurer accompanied Meerah on the search for Rakera. Learn more at: wowanalytica.com.
Kaja and the adventurer eventually found Rakera and - after meeting Kiro and Nisha in Zul'Ahjin - joined forces with Vorrik and his Devoted, a faction of sethrakes opposed to the Unseelie. Meanwhile, the vulpera traveled north, took over Vorrik's Sanctum, and began fighting the Boundless. Kiro and Nisha freed the vulpera slaves while Meerah organized caravans to transport them to safety. Vorrik was initially surprised, but concluded that his loa would applaud helping innocents in need, and the vulpera would be useful allies to help distract the Faithless. The adventurer joined Nisha in slaying the Faithless near the Conqueror Crater and arming the vulpera slaves to help them rise against their oppressors.3][22] While the freed vulpera marched through the trenches, wreaking havoc, Vorrik and the hero rode on the back of the Unbreakable Rakjan to wreak havoc on the Boundless Faithful, before landing in the Skycaller Spire and joining Nisha's forces. The Adventurer joined the Nisha in killing the Faithless around the Conqueror Crater and arming the vulper slaves to help them rise against their oppressors. While the freed vulpers marched through the trenches, wreaking havoc, Vorrik and the hero rode on the back of the Unbreakable Rakyan to unleash destruction on the Boundless Faithful, before landing in the Scout Spire and joining Nisha's forces. They soon forced Korthek out of his underground temple and together, Nisha, Vorrik and the hero killed the Emperor. Afterwards, Kiro stated that the adventurers had proven to be true allies and would always be welcome in the caravan.

Back at Camp Lastwind, the caravan of vulpers led by Nora planned to become the first to successfully steal treasure from the undead pirates in the port of Zem'lan. The adventurers were sent to the port to search for the missing vulper scout, but instead helped the first officer Jamboyi rebel against the tyrannical ruler of the port, Pirate-King Zem'lan. With their arms full of stolen loot, Jamboya and his fellow rebels then accompanied the adventurer back to Lastwind's camp, where they convinced Norah to let them join the caravan in exchange for helping them plunder the rest of the port's treasure. Similarly, in Zak'rajan's Court, the adventurers helped a team of loot seekers consisting of Kenzou, Omi, and Tacha defeat Zak'rajan the Immortal and loot his treasure of powerful artifacts. In southern Vol'dun, the Ashvane Trading Company enslaved several vulpers and forced them to mine Azerite at Redrock Mines. The vulpera Keerin commissioned adventurers to free him and his fellow prisoners.

Waves of Vengeance

The Horde later hired vulper caravans to help transport supplies for the war against the Alliance. During the Alliance's attack on Vol'dun, the Seventh Legion began setting fire to the caravans in hopes of stopping the transports and discouraging the vulpers from doing any more work for the Horde. Angered by these attacks, Nisha asked the Horde adventurers to defend her people and fight the Alliance invaders.

After the Alliance killed the Zandalari ruler, King Rastakhan, during the Battle of Dazar'alor, Kiro attended the king's funeral and declared that the vulpera would do everything in their power to help the Zandalari.

Joining the Horde

Baine welcomed the vulpera to the Horde.

Since the Horde showed them that life is about more than just survival, the vulpera decided to join the faction to explore the world beyond Vol'dun. Kiro, Meerah, and Nisha traveled to Orgrimmar to speak with Baine Bloodhoof, but he was forced to deny them membership as troubles in the Twilight Highlands, Zuldazar, and Suramar had strained the Horde's resources and he could not agree to add new members to his ranks while their current allies struggled. The Wulpers decided to offer their help to prove their worth to the Horde: Kiro went to the Highlands to put down a peasant rebellion near Crushblow, Nisha went to Zuldazar to fend off the Nazeshi naga invasion, and Meerah went to Suramar to get Nightborne's arkwin production back on track. With the adventurer's help, the vulpers managed to solve the Horde's problems, which impressed Baine's allies. When the three vulpers returned to Orgrimmar, Baine realized his mistake in dismissing them so quickly and offered them a place in the Horde, which they gladly accepted. Thus, the vulpers became allies of the Horde, who gave them a home beyond the dunes.


A vulper carriage with pack animals of the alpaca.

Vulpers are an intelligent and insightful race of wandering scavengers. They are able to turn what they find into an opportunity for growth, and are adept at solving problems no matter how small. Despite their small stature, vulpera are fierce and cunning in battle, defeating any enemy foolish enough to underestimate them. Though they have permanent settlements in burrows, their caravans travel from hideout to hideout, seeking supplies, trading them wherever they can, and spreading the information they glean along the way. Their looting often takes the form of plundering artifacts and treasures from ancient ruins and selling them to the highest bidder. Living in Vol'dun, the Vulpera cannot afford to waste resources. Over time, they have learned to take anything that looks even remotely useful and to use what they have creatively, and they have learned to recognize value no matter what is hidden in the desert. When warned that the gold from the port of Zem'lan was cursed, Norah responded that "a little curse never deterred a vulper from a valuable treasure." According to Keerin, vulpera usually stay away from Azerite because of its instability. However, at least some of the vulpera view Azerite fragments as "nice power stones" and don't mind acquiring them.

Vulpera display alchemical abilities, using potions and elixirs to produce various effects. Vol'dunshine is a type of desert moonshine made by the Vulpera, brewed while traveling through the desert and stored in dried calabashes.

The Vulpera use hyenas as mounts, alpacas as draft animals to pull their caravans across the desert, buzzards as mounts for the flight master, and ferrets as common pets.

Vulpera commonly use idioms that refer to the desert, such as "Hot sands" (exclamation point) or "Thank the sands." Other sayings include "Home is where the cart is," "One broken wheel stops the caravan," and "Have a good time." One of the vulper's gestures of thanks is to lick the other person on the cheek.