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World of Warcraft - Changes to the bag system in Draenor

I'm happy to say that today Micromantica was the first among my chars to complete her goals before Draenor. For her, these were profession-related goals (as my first char, she was already equipped with SoO and had most of the achievements). She produced trousers and wearable belts for herself and Microfura (my Warlock), and has since taken to making bags for Alliance characters.

The Royal Satchel, the largest "normal bag" to date, requires 12 days to make: 12 days crafting Imperial Silk, which is tied to the character, so you can't buy it at Auction House. Normally it's 1-3 pouches for each character: you already have a backpack, 1 or 2 bags assigned to a profession, and of course a portable fridge (it's still a question whether I'll keep it in WoD when food won't be such an important part of gameplay anymore).

This post is about the changes to the bag system that we will have in Warlords of Draenor.

There are 2 main changes for bags, as you probably know.

The first one is the Clean-Up option. This is definitely worth noting. At the click of a button, all items in your bag are regrouped so that you have similar items in a single row.

This ends the multiple rearranging of items, of course. Although this doesn't answer the question: what if I want to put gear first, not food?

Second, assigning bags. You can assign each bag to a specific type of thing. And it is very doubtful that I will use this option.

Let's look at the variables Equipment, Consumables, Trade Goods, and Junk.

Equipment: I personally don't see the need to assign a special bag to it. I don't usually carry any inventory with me. When I get a new item from a quest, dungeon, or raid, it is immediately put on me (if it is better than mine), disenchanted on the spot, or waits until the next vendor I encounter to be sold. So all in all, inventory = junk. If I craft or get an item of a level my character hasn't reached yet, it just waits in the bank. And very few items that are used once in a while, like a plow or fishing rod, just take their top spots in my backpack (My backpack = "Important items that aren't going anywhere for a while").

Supplies: I think this includes food, flasks, scrolls, and bandages. Flasks, scrolls, and bandages are always in my backpack (because they are "Important items that aren't going anywhere for a while"). As for food, we have a fridge. I think I'll use this option to collect all of that stuff in one place if there's no need to save a lot of fridge space in WoD.

Trade Goods: I'm not sure what they mean. If they mean "stuff you can sell on the AH" - that could be useful. But then where do character related items go? And it's not for all the things you want to waste time on in AH. Also imagine that you create a green item to carry. Where does it get assigned if you have both inventory and trade bags? It's not clear yet.

Junk: Definitely worth it. Those gray items are vermin that swarm in your free space. Sure you'll find the occasional tooth or fish scale in your backpack that has traveled with you through 7 levels since you killed that occasional snake in the river. But that never solves the problem of potentially good items that are nevertheless vendor junk. I'm talking about under-equipped gear here, and I'm talking about Skewered Peanut Chicken. So it doesn't free you from cleaning your bags.

All in all, I'm glad that Blizzard is making changes to the bag system. However, we'll see how this new system performs.