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World of Warcraft: Fun, myths and sheer terror in Azeroth

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. Forest of Elwynn: The most dangerous sheep in Azeroth2. Mulgore: The war of the cuddly animals3. Netherstorm: The Memorial Shrine of Nova Terra4. Wasteland: The Crypt of Conan the Barbarian5. Forest of Elwynn: The Creepy Children of Gold Grove

In our retro article series

, we regularly present highlights from 15 years of buffed: Putting pop culture references into a game... Pah! Anyone can do that. However, when it comes to incorporating mysterious and sometimes sinister elements into a game, they are usually so hidden that hardly any player can find them. This is also the case in the popular MMO World of Warcraft from developer Blizzard. While almost every WoW fan knows that Uldum is almost a single Indiana Jones happening and in the Red Ridge Mountains, a Rambo-verse is up to his mischief, hardly anyone can name where you can find the crypt of Conan in World of Warcraft.

In order to close this "education gap", we want to tell you in this and upcoming specials about mysterious places, strange messages and fun game elements that not everyone knows or can explain. For example, in our current special, the eerie horror kids from Goldhain. Or the war of the critters in Mulgore.

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Forest of Elwynn: The Most Dangerous Sheep in Azeroth

In the north of the forest of Elwynn you will find Agee Tyler's cabin. Source: Buffed

In the north of the forest of Elwynn streams flow through green meadows, everything is quiet and peaceful. Everything? Think again! Elwynn is home to the most dangerous sheep ever! Right on the shore of the water you will find a hut where the gnome Agee Tyler lives. Next to the house grazes a herd of ordinary sheep. At least that's what you think at first glance. At the second, you discover a sheep with a name that looks different; mechanical, that is. Tekton is actually a robot sheep. Animal lover Agee doesn't reveal why it's cavorting among all the other blocks. But we can guess that Tekton was put out in the meadow to protect the other ruminants. For the surprise: If you kill Tekton, he explodes and sometimes takes you with him to your death; the explosion can throw you off the hills.

Where do you find Tekton?

In the forest of Elwynn (coordinates: 50,14). Fly east from Stormwind's stronghold towards the falls, and you'll quickly spot Agee Tyler's hut.

Mulgore: The War of the Cuddly Animals

In the north of Mulgore, the animal kingdom goes bump in bump. Source: Buffed

Strange things are happening in the north of Mulgore, on the borders of the Stoneclaw Mountains. You may have noticed the giant beasts that roam the green meadows of the area dubbed Stoneclaw Pass in northeastern Mulgore. Well, the rabbits, mice and prairie dogs sometimes not only get bigger, but also briefly don guns and helmets to fight each other. No kidding!

The effect lasts for about 30 to 45 seconds, and makes the cute little animals grow almost as big as a gnome. Mice then put skulls on their heads and equip two guns at once, the rabbits run through the grass with axes, while the prairie dogs reach for daggers and turtle helmets. It can be assumed that the events are based on the battles of Watership Down. However, this is not really certain.

Where can you find the fighting animals?

In Mulgore (coordinates: around 34,10). Fly from Donnerfels to the northeastern plateau, which is called Stoneclaw Pass on the map.

Netherstorm: The Memorial Shrine of Nova Terra

Players who are still mourning Starcraft: Ghost will travel to Netherstorm... Source: Buffed

Hardly anyone will have stumbled across the Shrine of Nova Terra during their adventures in Outland. This is because the small shrine is located on a floating boulder, just around the corner from Mana Forge Coruu, but off the beaten path. The blue shrine is reminiscent of Draenei buildings in design, with a strange light source shining above the entrance portal. A clue to the purpose of the shrine is given by the door, on which the letters N, O, V and A light up at regular intervals - Nova, that is. Nova Terra is

again the main character of the shelved Blizzard game Starcraft: Ghost. In 2007, a Blizzard blueposter is said to have confirmed on the official forums that the shrine was a tribute to Starcraft: Ghost, but the post disappeared with the relaunch of the WoW community site. Nevertheless, it is said that in the past Nova Terra herself made an appearance at the monument in the form of a blood elf, but over time she appeared less and less frequently. If you open your ears, you can hear some sounds of an electric guitar from the typical Netherstorm music when you are at the shrine.

Where can you find the Nova Terra Shrine?

In Netherstorm (coordinates: 41,82). Fly west from the Coruu Mana Forge and you will find the small building on a floating boulder.

Wasteland: The Crypt of Conan the Barbarian

... and the skeleton king on his stone throne. Source: Buffed

There is a hidden tomb in the Wasteland that will appeal to the Conan fans among you. Located north in the Wasteland, you'll see Dustwind's Excavation, just west of the goblin post Luntenbrand. If you are now with the dwarves, you will see a bright spot on the mini-map that marks the entrance to the tomb. It's a bit higher than the dwarves' resting place. Brave adventurers who venture into the Kypta will find not only lots of spider webs, but also a campfire, some skeletons, and a completely emaciated king who seems to be sitting on his throne. Next to his chair is the king's sword on the stone throne. In the Adventures of Conan, the barbarian faces a very similar scene. In it, Conan takes the sword of a skeleton king who is sitting on a stone throne. The crypt itself is very detailed, with some Greek-looking vases in the dark chamber, for example. Even if you don't know Conan, this mysterious place in the wasteland is definitely worth a visit.

Where can you find the Crypt of Conan?

Travel to the Wasteland to Dustwind's excavation. You should find the entrance to the dark and eerie crypt at coordinates 52,34.

Forest of Elwynn: The Creepy Children of Gold Grove

In the forest of Elwynn, six children are up to mischief every day between 7:00 and 8:00. Source: Buffed

One of the better known, but at the same time one of the scariest secrets is hiding in the forest of Elwynn, right under the nose of the Alliance. For this "secret", only six names are enough for most of you to know what it's about: Dana, Jose, Aaron, Cameron, Lisa and John. They are the Gold Grove children who put on a strange and creepy show every day between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. server time. The children leave the house at Crystal Lake, and take a walk to Stormwind, to Gold Grove, to the North Grove Valley, and then return to their home. The tour takes about an hour with the kids walking to the next location about every 15 to 20 minutes. Once they arrive at the Crystal Lake house, they climb up to the second floor, enter their room and leave after a while. So far, so good, what's special about it? About everything! When the children pause in their walking, they form a pentagram, with each child always occupying the same position. Cameron is always in the middle, Dana is always in the front, for example. No matter where the kids go, they always end up with a pentagram, even though they're constantly looking in different cardinal directions. Creepy.

That being said, their house is located on Crystal Lake - which is also the name of the main setting in the 1980 horror film Friday the 13th. In the house itself, the music changes from the friendly melody of the Forest of Elwynn to a much darker theme. When the kids arrive at their room, the pentagram formation breaks up and two kids face each other. If you wait patiently to see if anything else happens and turn up the speakers, you're about to experience the creepiest thing of all to do with the kids. You hear church bells ringing softly and a deep, eerie voice says, "Death approaches." You can only hear this, not read about it in the chat. It is presumed to be the voice of C'thun, not really confirmed. Nor is it confirmed that the Children of Goldhain is an allusion to the events in the short story Children of the Corn by Stephen King or to the mysterious events on the horror movie The Blair Witch Project from 1999.

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Where can you find the children of Gold Grove?

The children's house is located at Crystal Lake (coordinates: 46.62) in Elwynn Forest; on the first floor you will find two professional trainers. When the children leave for their tour, they follow the main road to Stormwind, then back to Goldhain and up the path to the North Grove Valley before entering their house again. to the home page to the gallery Jump to comments (78)