World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft - Trivia and Leveling

Last week I finally had enough money for my Horde and my goblins built us a rocket. It cost me 60k for must-have spheres (can't avoid that) and 2-3k for other mats (I was too lazy to farm them). Luckily the Hexen alchemist transfigured some steel for us, so we were good. The mount is cool and maybe it's the one for Schlitzchen for two reasons: one, she built it, two, she's a Goblin Engineer and it fits her. The Sky Golem is cool, but ultimately annoying - it just can't fly straight. Rocket, though, is small, fast, and responds to your commands.

Speaking of engineering issues, my newly enhanced human Rogue Hedersen is going to develop both professions, mining and engineering, but she's on another server and I can't send money to her. And right now I feel too lazy to go and earn cash somewhere, even though I plan to go through the main WoD quests with her. Still, the lv2 Mine and lv2 Herb Garden are giving her some gold, and her core group of followers are starting to bring it in as well. Anyway, she's already made one of the toys I needed, and one more toy and one more mount are coming.

I haven't done anything significant with my core toon groups other than log in - collect loot and gold from garrison missions - log out. Even if we had 4 days off, I wouldn't be able to force myself to even go to Argent Tournament token dailies. Yawning after Draenor. Tired of farming mounts. Tired of archaeology. So the only option was leveling.

I was inspired to create a fire mage by the fantastic videos of Legion fire mages. Not only do the spell animations look cooler, but they added smoke and ash after killing a mob. I couldn't help myself and Kellers, a human fire mage - targeting Legion fun - was created.

I thought of her fantasy and it would be classic for a fire mage - obviously a pyromaniac on the verge of insanity. Black hair, because fire pouring through your veins won't leave you blonde. But it's not like she loves to laugh maniacally and throw pyroblasts at the common fly. She's calm and soft spoken, all the craziness isn't over the top, which makes her even more dangerous. She is always kind and courteous to her allies, especially gnomes, dwarves, and humans, and saves her madness for appropriate occasions.

Kellers: ready to level up

My leveling route this time looked like this:

Elwynn -> Loch Modan -> Wetlands -> Hinterlands -> Plaguelands -> Badlands -> Swamp of Sorrows -> Blasted Lands. Either way, these were my favorite areas of Khaz Modan and the row of burned out zones. You never know or remember why you play there, in the "land" of ash and dust, until you play the quests. You just forget about the scorched area you are in and the suffocating air. I remember questing there endlessly during the Lich King era, but now the entire zone will take you 40-60 minutes to complete, and the reboot quests from Cataclysm are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend replaying them for both Horde and Alliance.

While I do enjoy the quests, I never, ever use heirlooms while leveling up. By using any buffs, you just kill the entire quest experience - because you overgrow the zone without even starting it. Dungeons help me level, but I only do them once per toon.

It's not about getting to 100 quickly, hell, you started a new toon because you're tired of the top level activity, so why increase your leveling to get there?

Anyway, we're now in Draenor-Outland and sitting at level 60. More fun to do, more quests to solve.