World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft - Year of the Legion has begun

The New Year's holidays give us the biggest string of days off in Russia, making a total of 10 days. So there wasn't much playing for me during the New Year holidays, as my wife and I naturally take this opportunity to leave the city and travel. This time I took a trip to visit my friends and relatives in two different cities, and I didn't get back to my laptop and WoW until January 8.

After logging in, I reloaded my toons after mounts and here's what happened:

I had been visiting Kael'Thas with my main for over a year, and in December I decided to recharge all my toons for farming mounts - you know, more tries, more chances.

Ironically, I killed Kael'Thas 3 times during that first day after vacation and the 4th time it was my main received the Ashes of Al'ar. Random, mighty random...

Now I'm thinking of going to Karazhan, Lich King, and Yogg Saron with all my toons to see if there's good loot there for collecting mounts too.

And that would be the first of my goals before Legion. So, here is my current to-do list for 2016:

  1. Mount farming - main goals now are Karazhan, Icecrown Citadel and Ulduar.
  2. Argent Tournament - I finally put my nose into this one and it has become yet another moderately exciting routine. Although the amount of Crusader currency needed for all their toys and mounts looks a little scary.
  3. Tol Barad - I need to collect 165+200 daily tokens to get both their mounts, right now I'm sitting on 135 or so.
  4. A few loose ends in Pandaria in terms of quests and exploration.
  5. Weekly trips to Molten Core with my main - I need about 15 weeks to get the Hydraxian Waterlords Exalted done, and I happen to be sitting on 3/4 of the items required for the epic Thunderfury weapon right now. I'll be doing that!
  6. Archaeological 40 minute sessions give me 10-15 items for achievements and are a nice relaxation.

How was your vacation and do you have anything to do in WoW until Legion?