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WoW: 10 features that World of Warcraft desperately needs

With the upcoming expansion, the WoW developers at Blizzard are at an unwanted crossroads. After two expansions, which were not very well received by the players, and a gigantic sexism scandal last summer, the responsible persons hardly left any stone unturned and already started to change the course of the MMO during Shadowlands. A community council was set up to receive better feedback in the future and - the real sticking point - they finally wanted to listen to this feedback and implement it. The feel-good patch 9.1.5, which brought tons of comfort adjustments last fall, should only be the beginning. But these big words must now be followed by action. Blizzard must deliver a bang-up expansion with Patch 10.0 in order not to sink into the depths of the maelstrom. The previous motto "more of the same" will not be accepted by the fans much longer - not only because of the announcements on the part of Blizzard that everything will be much better now.

10 features that can save WoW!

Of course, we don't know how such a banger expansion could look like in detail. However, we have compiled a list of 10 features that in our eyes (and in the eyes of many users in the various WoW forums) are essential to bring WoW back to its former glory. In addition to the obvious features that can be read in almost every forum post, there are also some things in our Top10 that fly under the radar but have a lot of potential in our eyes.

The entire list and our reasons for the individual features can be found in the following video. If you just want to quickly skim through it, we've summarized the list in a compact form below.

World of Warcraft | 10 Features WoW urgently needs - Column by Philipp Sattler

Here is a brief summary of our requested features:

  • Number 1: Abolition of faction limits
    • If Blizzard wants to prevent the extinction of the Alliance, action must be taken. And is the categorical separation of the player community still in keeping with the times?
  • Number 2: Challenging solo content
    • The return of the Mage Tower has shown that many players appreciate such content. Why are things like Battle Guild or Trial by Fire treated so stepmotherly?
  • Number 3: More and better time-travel content
    • Blizzard leaves so much potential here that it almost hurts.
  • Number 4: Solo dungeons
    • Other MMOs show how well it can work to visit dungeons with NPCs, for example, just to experience the story.
  • Number 5: Content in Azeroth
    • With every expansion, new areas are added to the game. But do the many old areas have to lie completely fallow?
  • Number 6: New class or gameplay
    • It's been over 5 years since a new class came into the game. And we have even less ranged specs today than we did in Classic times.
  • Number 7: Weapon and armor racks for our sets
    • In over 17 years of WoW (buy now ), we've collected so many cool sets - only we're not allowed to show them off anywhere except in a small window in the interface.
  • Number 8: Housing
    • Actually, nothing more needs to be said about this - what are the developers waiting for?
  • Number 9: Revision of professions
    • Dragons and Titans were killed, but my hero can't pull a flower out of the ground if he hasn't learned it?
  • Number 10: Account-wide!
    • With a few exceptions, we think everything should be tied to an account rather than individual characters.

Of course, there are plenty of other things Blizzard could do to make WoW a better game again. From comprehensible storylines to the return of the loot master to things like less timegating - the list is almost endless. However, we think the ten points above are mostly mandatory features that Blizzard at least has to deal with.

Do you agree with our list or would you rather not see some of these in WoW? Or are some points missing in our list? Tell us in the comments.

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