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WoW: 10 things that suck about Battle for Azeroth - Method Edition

Actually, the current WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth was supposed to follow up on its strong predecessor Legion and provide us with an exciting faction war between Horde and Alliance. Instead, the developers at Blizzard remained true to themselves and once again delivered a rather disappointing content phase after a strong addon.

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Which features, systems and areas are particularly annoying and should definitely not play a role in the upcoming Shadowlands adventure (or should only be greatly improved) is exactly what the European pro guild Method recently addressed on their Youtube channel. You can find the video at the end of this article, but before that, here's a short summary of the ten points:

  • Point 1: Island expeditions - too simple, too boring, too repetitive, too little rewarding.
  • Point 2: Warfronts - again, too simple, too repetitive, not rewarding enough. In addition, the rotation of warfronts ensured that one faction already had access to a high item level item at the start of a raid season.
  • Point 3: Azerite items - could not satisfactorily fill the gap of the deleted tier sets and Legendarys, poor balance of Azerite effects that can quickly lead to frustration.
  • Point 4: Dungeons - most dungeons are too linear, some seasonal affixes clearly disadvantaged different classes, some abilities like Cloaking Mist from the rogue were way too important.
  • Point 5: Grind - artifact power here, essences there - the grind factor in BfA was too much even for Method's frequent players. Especially if you want to play multiple characters, which brings us to the next point:
  • Point 6: Twinks - in BfA it's once again way too much work to get Twinks to a good level in the endgame, especially when it comes to unlocking essences.
  • Point 7: Story - faction war here, fight against Old Gods there - the story of BfA was quite a back and forth, but many developments seemed inappropriate, rushed told or illogical. Add to that the disappointing finale in Ny'alotha ...
  • Point 8: Corruption - some of the corruption effects are far too powerful because they can cause enormous damage passively. The random effect only increases frustration if you don't get the items with the right effect. If you have a lot of gold, you can easily buy powerful BoE items with strong corruption effects.
  • Point 9: Bugs - BfA is more bug-infested than previous expansions. There are still bugs in the game today that have been there since the launch of BfA. Especially at launch, the expansion lacked polish, Shadowlands shouldn't have been released in such a rush.
  • Point 10: Randomness - in BfA, the randomness factor plays a big role again, too big a role, since virtually no system can do without randomness anymore and it's nearly impossible to earn the best possible equipment for an animal. That can just be very frustrating. At the same time, it doesn't really feel rewarding when you do get lucky.
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What features, systems, and areas of BfA have been particularly disappointing to you? Where does Shadowlands need to improve significantly? Tell us your thoughts on the subject!

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