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WoW: 3,000 euros for a cosplay? That was blatantly worth it!

Cosplays of the past Lich King Athas Menethil? I guess everyone knows about those by now. The cadaverous ex-crown prince of Lordaeron who beheaded his father in Warcraft 3 and then terrorized the idyllic Northrend with his presence in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King has been cosplayed hundreds of times. Boring! It's much more exciting to set the scene for his successor. It's about Bolvar Fordragon, who has been tending the frosty throne of the Lich King since the credits rolled and Arthas was dethroned. Fordragon rose to dubious fame with WoW: Shadowlands, when the Banshee Queen Sylvanas wrested the crown of dominance from him with all her supernatural might, shattering the veil between Azeroth and the Shadowlands. Since then, Bolvar has been roaming the Shadowlands, commanding your WoW heroes to clean up whatever the current villain of the online role-playing game has messed up.

One fan of Bolvar Fordragon is apparently cosplayer Hartigan, who has spent about 3,000 Euros to put together the most impressive Bolvar costume ever. A few months ago, Hartigan had already shown a progress report of his work. Check out the complete costume in the video here.

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The great challenge about Bolvar cosplay is rooted in the fact that the good Lord Fordragon is really little more than a walking pile of coking meat. In the Wrath of the Lich King campaign, he bathed against his will in the fiery breath of the red dragon aspect Alexstrasza. The fire, in turn, was meant to purge the Plague of the Forsaken, which would have turned living humanoids into shuffling undead.

Kudos, Hartigan, because that's a stunt you won't be duplicating anytime soon. Not only does the cosplay have countless LEDs built into it that glow an eerie red, but smoke even pours out of the breastplate! And despite the full body costume, Hartigan still manages to move somewhat naturally. Would you like to build something like this? Then you'll need not only a big wallet and the skills, but also a lot of time, considering the estimated 3,000 Euro material costs. Hartigan invested an insane 638 hours of work into this unforgettable look. The prize: First place in the BlizzConline cosplay community contest!

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