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WoW: 3D artist recreates the Scarlet Monastery in Unreal Engine

For a long time, the Scarlet Monastery was considered the last bastion of light amidst the blighted lands of Tirisfal. From there, the Order of the Scarlet Crusade in WoW waged its battle against the undead who claimed the fallen kingdom of Lordaeron. The honorable fight against the remnants of the Scourge attracted many followers who made pilgrimages to the monastery to join the Scarlet Crusade. Over time, however, the paladins and priests became radicalized and the order took a darker path. Today, the Scarlet Crusade is considered the best example of how even the Church of Light has its dark side.

Unreal Engine brings the Scarlet Monastery to life

The Scarlet Monastery has been a popular event dungeon since the early days of World of Warcraft, where players can experience the long history of the Scarlet Crusade or pay a visit to the Headless Horseman during the nights of the Serpents. So it's clear that the monastery will continue to play a role in WoW (buy now €14.99 ) in the coming years. All the more interesting is the question of what the Gothic vault might look like in the real world. A 3D artist named David J Chan pursued this exciting idea and recreated the Scarlet Monastery in Unreal Engine. The result appears so realistic that the spooky atmosphere of the Unreal Engine monastery sends a cold shiver down your spine. Want an example? Here is the iconic altar where the final battle against the High Inquisitor White Mane takes place.

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By the way, on Artstation you can find all the artist's pictures showing the Scarlet Monastery from inside and outside. Check it out, it's worth it! And on David J Chan's blog you can follow his work on the building and the inventory of the monastery step by step. The artist was inspired by identical buildings from the real world. It's amazing how detailed his digital replica of the Scarlet Monastery is!

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