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WoW: 5 small features that have been lost over time ...

When people talk about features that have been done away with in WoW, they usually think of the rather large and impactful content - from world buffs to scenarios to talent trees. But there are also a lot of smaller features that have either been completely removed from the game over time, or ignored by the developers and thus forgotten.

Rextroy's latest video is about such features. Among them are some whose removal many players probably didn't even notice. Others, on the other hand, are only remembered when they are mentioned.

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Five features that were lost...

  • ... world defense was abolished with Legion. Who can't remember how the chat messages ran through the ticker when a friendly NPC somewhere was attacked by the enemy faction. With the sharding the feature came to an end.
  • ... the Colosseum of Hochfels is actually still in the game, but without enemies it is quite useless. You could earn various rewards there as part of your garrison in WoD and the Gladiator's Sanctuary.
  • ...Kiting bosses was a big feature in Classic. If you played back then, you surely noticed how world bosses were pulled all the way to the capitals. Today, bosses reset if they move too far from their spawn position.
  • ... Special drops from rare mobs still exist. But with the rework of Cataclysm, various rare mobs disappeared from WoW (buy now )- and with them very special items.
  • ... Being at war used to allow you to attack members of a faction where you already had a positive reputation anyway. This often allowed you to increase your reputation somewhere else or get certain loot, which was otherwise not possible. The feature is still in the game in theory, but it is no longer used in practice.

Which of the features would you still like to see in the game - or where should the developers put some more love into it?

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