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WoW: 600,000 gold for Al'ars ashes? GDKP Madness in TBC Classic

In the course of the WoW Classic era, we had reported several times about the so-called Gold DKP runs, in which participating players can bid with gold on their desired loot. Especially in the Asian region, but also on US and EU servers, a real GDKP meta developed, which was the best gold farm method in Classic for regular participants.

The reason: Particularly coveted items like Gressil, Harbinger of the Fall of Kel'Thuzad sometimes went for 198,000 gold over the virtual counter. With such sums, the organizers of such raids gladly take home 50,000 gold pieces per raid, while normal participants are happy about a good four-digit sum.

The system is criticized again and again, because for many players it is clear: All the gold was certainly not farmed. Somebody must have transferred money to illegal gold farmers beforehand (or, when it comes to Asia, invested money in the WoW token). Moreover, such sums inevitably affect the economy. Players who stay away from GDKP runs or don't get taken will almost automatically run into gold problems at some point on such servers, because they can't afford the horrendous prices for consumables and crafting products.

GDKP in Burning Crusade Classic

And how did the GDKP "fun" evolve in Burning Crusade Classic? Well, they still exist, of course, the gold DKP runs. In addition, there are many more opportunities for gold farming in TBC Classic than in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic. In other words, players have more gold to spend on average.

This Reddit post shows what that leads to: In a raid group of Chinese players (apparently from the US server Whitemane), a certain Stormy was able to secure the rare Mount Al'ars Ashes for an insane 600,000 gold. This in turn meant that each participant in the raid ended up taking home around 25,000 gold. Of course, there was a "little" bonus for tanks and the organizers.

How does it look: Do GDKP runs also take place regularly on your server? Tell us in the comments!

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