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WoW: 675 Corruption! Rextroy's Arena One Shots with Infinite Stars

When WoW player Rextroy publishes a video, it's usually about particularly curious or funny actions. Whether he's knocking down raid bosses single-handedly or organizing massive class battles, it rarely gets boring. In his latest action, he now demonstrates what influence spoilage effects can have on the game. To do this, he went into the arena and one-shotted opponents with Infinite Stars, killing them in seconds.

Actually, Infinite Stars does more damage with each stack on the target and only becomes dangerous in longer fights


This is true no matter how many Perks you carry of it on your equipment. However, if you put on Infinite Stars Rank 3 nine times, even the first hit will hit as hard as a moving truck. The stupid thing is that nine times Rank 3 also means 675 Corruption, which increases the damage taken by 495 percent. Also, and you can probably imagine this, any hit from the Thing from Beyond or the Eye of Corruption means instant death. For this reason, Rextroy had to consider a few things when choosing the appropriate class.
He probably knowingly chose the Protection Paladin, which has several immunities that he can string together. After God's Shield, Guardian of the Forgotten Queen comes into play. In addition, he still carries Touch of the Everlasting as his essence. If he lives long enough after God Shield, he can also use Blessing of Spell Protection to protect himself from the Corruption effects and most other classes. He also achieved high numbers of speed and versatility thanks to Seraphim. The former increased the proc chance, the latter the damage of the stars.

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Stupidly, he can not choose the target of the stars. Also, it was made more difficult if the opposing team had a lot of pets with them, because they can also be targeted by the stars. However, the whole action doesn't really make sense anyway. Because usually Rextroy died shortly after he knocked down an opponent. At the end of immunities, just a few hits were enough and he was knocked away even by enemy healers with two hits.

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