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WoW: Additional animazelle in Torghast for free - here's how! (Quick tip)

If you're a regular visitor to Torghast, you know that you can't do anything without the Anima bonuses. The catch is that although you will find individual orbs on all levels of Torghast that provide you with these additional powers, what you get is based on a random principle. In addition, you can buy more orbs from the merchants in Torghast in exchange for Phantasm - but the merchants pay a lot for their services, so you can't just blithely buy the entire supply.

Ve'nari, who supports us in the Maw in various ways and probably not entirely unselfishly, has a solution for this problem - provided you have earned an appropriate reputation with her. If you have reached the reputation level "Cordial" with Ve'nari, the midwife will sell you the item "Magnifying Glass of Enchanting Charm". The tooltip of the item tells you what it is: Ve'nari has enchanted the magnifying glass so that the midwayers in Torghast will "offer you special deals", i.e. offer you anima cells at a lower price.

What this means in practice is that the Torghast merchants you encounter on levels three and six will sell you a Requested Anima Cell for a paltry five units of phantasm (instead of the regular Looted Anima Cell price of 150 phantasm). Since both merchants are offering one cell each at this price, you can unlock two additional anima cells for a total of ten phantasma.

By the way, you can still buy the Looted Anima



Also, like all the other benefits you can unlock from Ve'nari, the Lupe of Enchanting Charm bonus is account-wide. So you can also buy the favorable anima cells with your twinks, even if they haven't reached hearty reputation on Ve'nari yet.

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