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WoW addon Abandon Zone Quests - finally space in the quest log

Especially WoW players who like to twink and hunt for the fastest level routes through Azeroth know a phenomenon: In the quest log, a lot of missions accumulate over time, which they simply accepted once, but which they never intend to complete. It's especially annoying to manually click away quests when you change expansions because you want to do a certain part of your leveling adventure in a different place. It's practical there if you have a little helper! The WoW addon Abandon Zone Quests does exactly what its name promises.

So if you often change zones while speed leveling and your quest log is overflowing with tasks from zones you don't want to visit anymore, the Abandon Zone Quests addon will help you. It automatically cancels all quests of a zone on command, if you enter the corresponding command in the chat (/abandonzone "name of the zone"). By the way, this also works in the German client with the German zone names, as you can see here with an example from the Twilight Forest.
Abandon Zone Quests has no interface, but is controlled via simple chat commands. Source: buffed If you use the command /abandonzone War Campaign, you will get rid of all missions of the war campaign. And with /abandonzone all the complete quest log will be selected. For some of your heroes, especially if you haven't played them for a while, such a hard reset is definitely worth it.

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