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WoW: Black Temple and Hyjal from TBC Classic have release date!

Two days ago, the second PvP season ended in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, and now everyone is looking to Blizzard with the hope of news about the third phase. And the developers fulfilled this hope last night! Still in January 2022, we may take on the bosses in the Black Temple and the Battle for Hyjal. But the update has even more to offer.

Patch "The Black Temple

As early as next week, starting on January 17, 2022, the new patch for TBC Classic called "The Black Temple" is supposed to hit the live servers. At this point, however, probably only two of the new features will actually be available to us:

Incubus as a companion for warlocks.

Warlocks will be able to embark on a new quest to learn how to summon an alternate succubus companion - the incubus.

A new PvP season begins

  • At the start of this new PvP season, Arena Season 3 equipment will become available from Arena vendors in Shattrath and Nagrand.
  • Arena Season 2 equipment will be available for less at Area 52 vendors and will no longer require an Arena rating to purchase.
  • Arena Season 1 gear can be purchased from Honor Merchants in the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar and the Hall of Champions in Stormwind.
WoW: 10 years ago - Retro trailer for patch 2.1 and the Black Temple

Raids on January 27, 2022

Phase 3 of TBC Classic will then really start on January 27, 2022. Here are the highlight features of the content phase:

New Raid: Battle of the Hyjal

Preserve the outcome of the decisive battle for the Hyjal and ensure that the demon Archimonde does not escape his fate.

  • Raidbosses: 5 (Furor Winterfrost, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal, Azgalor, Archimonde)
  • Level: 70
  • Location: Caverns of Time, Tanaris

Players must be tuned in to enter the instance. You can learn more about the attunement process below. Improve your reputation with the Guardians of the Sands to earn rewards from Indormi in the Caverns of Time.

New Raid: The Black Temple

Defeat Illidan Stormrage, the traitor himself, at the top of the Black Temple.

  • RaidBosses: 9 (Supreme Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus, Akamas Schemen, Teron Blood Shadow, Gurtogg Boiling Blood, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz, The Illidari Council, Illidan Stormrage)
  • Level: 70
  • Location: The Black Temple, Shadowmoon Vale

Players must be attuned to enter the instance. Learn more about the attunement process below. Improve your reputation with the Death Lords to earn rewards from Okuno in the Black Temple.

Epic Gems

  • Jeweler's Templates for Epic Gems are offered by Indormi in the Caverns of Time.
  • Epic gems can be collected from the Battle for Hyjal through mining (requires a skill of 375) and are dropped in the Black Temple as rare loot.

Netherwing Quests

  • Increase your reputation with the Netherwings through daily quests in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Collect Netherwing eggs to speed up reputation gathering.
  • Nether Dragons become available as epic mounts for players who achieve awesome reputation (requires Skilled Rider ability).

Loot from old raid instances

Bosses in Phase 2 raid instances drop an additional token for class sets (3 total).
WoW TBC Classic: The old raid bosses from the 25 instances drop more tier tokens in phase 3. Source: buffed

More Patch Notes from the PTR

In the official forum post around the PTR of Phase 3, Community Manager Kaivax had listed further adjustments in the last weeks, which are supposed to go live with the upcoming update.

  • When searching for groups in Group Search, you can now select multiple activities.
  • After you register your group in Group Search, the tool will automatically search for other groups that are up for the same activity.
  • In Group Search, there is now an option to open the entire dropdown menu in one fell swoop.
  • Some tamable animals tamed after patch 2.5.3 now correctly randomly change color when summoned again by the hunter.
  • The bosses in the Serpent Shrine and the Fortress of Storms now drop new and additional items.
  • Magtheridon and Gruul's Lair now also have an additional pet token.
  • All dungeon bosses now have a chance to drop epic gems on Heroic difficulty.
  • New Darkmoon cards can drop.
  • The Consortium merchant now sells the Recipe Formula: Weapon - Considerable Strike
  • The merchants of Thrallmar and Ehrenfeste now sell the recipe Pattern: Ammo Pouch from Nether Sheds
  • The merchant from the Lower Quarter now sells the recipes Formula: Ring - Values and Pattern: Quiver of a Thousand Feathers
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