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WoW: Blizzard relaxes restrictions on arms trading with Shadowlands

You've probably already experienced it in WoW: Battle for Azeroth: A great dagger for spellcasters drops, but the lucky guy doesn't even need the blade. His staff is just as good. The problem: Due to the restrictions on weapon trading, at the time he couldn't simply pass the dagger on to a party member, the two weapons didn't correspond to the same slot (one-handed versus two-handed). This rule caused frustration again and again.

Now Wowhead reports that the Blizzard developers have relaxed the restrictions on weapon trading with WoW (buy now 14,99 € ): Shadowlands have apparently relaxed. The old rules for trading a weapon read as follows: You can only give a weapon to another player if,

  • if you yourself have an equivalent or better soulbound weapon.
  • the weapon is designed for the player's main attribute (intelligence, strength or agility).
  • the slot (one-handed or two-handed) of your weapon matches the slot of the weapon you want to swap.

The new rules appear to be as follows: You can only pass a weapon to another player.

  • if you yourself have an equivalent or better soulbound weapon.

The relaxation is probably related to the fact that you can earn weapon tokens in Castle Nathria that are a) exchangeable for any type of weapon and b) tradable. What do you think of this change? Tell us in the comments!

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