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WoW: Blizzard unveils freshly released accessibility updates

When we think of the innovations of WoW Patch 9.1 "Chains of Domination" , the first thing that comes to mind is the new zone Korthia, the megadungeon Tazavesh or the new raid Sanctum of Domination. With the update, however, a lot of small adjustments and improvements have been made to the live servers. Among them are a whole series of features with which Blizzard wants to optimize accessibility. In an article on the official WoW website, the designers have now presented the accessibility updates in detail.

We're excited to announce that you'll be able to enhance your gameplay experience in Chains of Domination with several new accessibility updates. This will ensure that adventures in the Shadowlands are truly epic for all. All accessibility options, including these new updates, can be found in the game menu interface (default shortcut: ESC).

Transcription for voice chats

Don't miss a thing by using Voicechat transcribe

to convert spoken language into text chat. This allows you to follow each conversation at your own pace.

When you enable this feature in the Accessibility menu, a new icon will appear next to the Voice Chat icon in the Chat Channels window. Click this icon to enable or disable voice transcription for individual voice chats. Enabling voice transcription opens a voice chat window that converts what other chat participants are saying into text. Players can choose where they want the voice transcription window to appear from a dropdown menu: "New Tab," "In Line," or "Both" (similar to in-game whisper messages).

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Read aloud text chats

Turns written text into audio commentary with the new Read aloud text chat

. This option enables the text-to-speech feature on all text-based chat channels and system messages.

Clicks the Read aloud text chat option in the accessibility window to have the text in the chat window played back audibly by a synthetic voice from the operating system. The text-to-speech options include:

  • Warning sounds for new chats, line breaks, and chat activity in a window without it having to be active
  • Reading aloud a player character's name when their chat message is read aloud
  • Different voices (depending on how many available audio packages are installed through the operating system; Windows and Mac are supported)
  • Adjustment of speaking speed and volume
  • Different voice for system messages
  • Select channels and sources to be read aloud

Text-to-speech commands

To enable or disable various options, type /tts followed by the command:

menu - Opens the Text-to-Speech configuration menu.
mymessages - Enables or disables reading aloud your own messages

channel [name] - Enables or disables a channel.
sound line - Sounds a tone that separates chat lines.
sound activity - Sounds a tone when there is activity in a chat window.
naming - Reads aloud


nsc - Enables or disables messages from NPCs


system - Enables or disables system


emote - Enables or disables emote


whisper - Enables or disables whisper


say - Enables or disables "say"


shout - Enables or disables "shout"


group leader - Enables or disables group leader messages. group
- Enables or disables group messages.
success - Enables or disables success


officer - Enables or disables officer messages

. guild


- Enables



guild announcements

guild - Enables or disables guild messages.
raid leader - Enables or disables raid leader messages. ra

- Enables or disables raid messages

. raid

warning - Enables or disables raid warnings

instance leader - Enables or disables instance leader messages.
instance - Enables or disables instance messages.
blizzard - Enables or disables whisper messages from blizzard.
systemalternativevoice - Enables an alternate voice for system messages.
alternatevoice [1-10] - Selects altern

ate voice.

alt sample - Sample text for alternate voice for system messages volume
[0-100] - Sets the volume.
speed [0-10] - Sets the speaking speed

. voice [0-10]

- Selects the voice


default - Restores the default settings for text-to-speech

sample - Speaks sample text.
settings - Reads out the current settings.
stop - Stops the voice output of the current message.
on - Enables text-to-speech


off - Disables text-to-speech.
Reads out a list of all settings


help [name of command] - Reads out information about the named command.
/tts stop - Stops the speech output of the current message.
/tts altbeispiel - Sample text for the alternative voice for system messagesRecommended

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Speak for Me (Synthetic Voice)

The new Speak for me

option turns your text into speech. When this feature is active while you are in a voice chat with other players, you will gain access to the new PartyVoice text chat channel. Everything you type in PartyVoice will be read aloud in a synthesized voice to other players in your voice channel. Please note that this feature is only available on English clients.

Tip: Show solidarity with other players by activating "Speak for me" - you never know who you could help that way!

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Contrast for quest texts

Make reading easier by enabling contrast for quest text

. This new setting will give your quest log window a solid color background to make the quest text easier to read. Contrast Comparison OriginalFull Screen SliderEnabledContrast

Adjust light reflections

Adjusts the intensity of reflected light with light reflections

. In chat, type the command "/console specular" with a multiplier between 0.0 and 1.0. A multiplier of 0.5 allows the reflection effect partially.

Example: "/console specular 1" is the default.

Source: Blizzard WoW: The in-game sun is reflected off the rippling water at full, radiant default intensity. Source: Blizzard WoW: Customized light reflection with a multiplier of 0.5 dims the intensity of light reflected from water. Source: Blizzard WoW: Setting the light reflection to a multiplier of 0 will cause the light reflected from the water to disappear completely.

Enhancement of the accessibility settings

With the additional options listed here, we have expanded our accessibility menu. You can now find the settings for colorblind mode in a submenu of "Accessibility".

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