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WoW: Character Boost for Classic - did Blizzard lie?

With the announcement of Burning Crusade Classic as well as the new era servers , the responsible persons of Blizzard had declared that there will be a paid character boost to level 58, which, however, is subject to some restrictions (only one boost per account, not possible for Draenei and Blood Elves).

In the official WoW forum, some Classic fans are now discussing this character boost. The criticism: Blizzard had promised in a Q&A session over a year ago that there would be no boosts of this kind for Classic (via Reddit). Specifically, AltruisWoW had written:

"Character boosts are not in line with Classic. We don't want to break hearts."

Was Blizzard lying at the time? Community Manager Kaivax, of course, doesn't see it that way (source) and gives his reasons:

"I think it might be helpful to emphasize that all characters on the WoW Classic era servers start at level 1. We continue to feel the same way we did back then: no boost is ever needed here (and wouldn't fit). When we spelled out these principles back in the day for WoW Classic, we could only refer to level experience from level 1 to level 60.

However, Burning Crusade Classic starts at level 58, and we're setting up this new boost service to allow players to [...] quickly join their friends in Outland."

Say: There will be no character boost for the era realms. What do you guys think of the boost? Are the restrictions enough for you? Will you use the service? Or are you completely against the boost? Tell us in the comments!

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