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WoW Classic: A real world-first achievement awaits the pros in Zul'Gurub

The developers at Blizzard still haven't revealed a concrete release date for content phase 4 of WoW Classic , but if there is no postponement, the 20-player raid Zul'Gurub will land on the live servers sometime in the next four weeks. Even back then, the Troll instance was more of a challenge for raid newbies in terms of difficulty, and those who have already tried out the boss


on the public test server


attest to the fact that the total of 13 adversaries (including all optional bosses) won't cause any problems in Classic either.

There is one

exception, however, a challenge in Zul'Gurub that back in vanilla WoW - as far as we know - not even the pro guilds were able to master. We mean, of course, final boss Hakkar, and not the simple standard version that you encounter after sending all of his high priests into the dust, but the extremely powerful Super Saiyan form that you get if you run to Hakkar without having defeated even one of the priests.

Namely, each priest grants special buffs and abilities to Hakkar as long as he lives:

  • If Jeklik is still alive: area attack and 8 second silence debuff.
  • If Venoxis is still alive: Poison attack against all raid participants
  • If Mar'li is still alive: 6 second stun attack and aggro reset
  • If Thekal is still alive: rage attack that increases Hakkar's attack speed to 150
  • If Arlokk is still alive: solar plexus stun with aggro reset
  • Plus about 50,000 additional health per living priest

Plus, of course, Hakkar's standard abilities:

  • Insanity: Hakkar's target is taken over and attacks the battlegroup. Non-Cancelable. Hakkar casts it about every 30-40 seconds and it lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Blood Drinker: About every 90 seconds, Hakkar sucks the blood of about 15 - 17 players, healing himself by about 5 - 10% (1,000 life per tick/player). It also freezes the battlegroup participants for 5 - 6 seconds.
  • Tainted Blood: A random player receives this DoT, which deals 1,000 - 1,500 damage immediately and then another 100 - 150 per second over 10 seconds.
  • Rage: Once the fight lasts longer than 10 minutes, Hakkar goes into a rage and can't be defeated.

One of the pro guilds that tried this challenge before the pre-patch for The Burning Crusade is Elitist Jerks, which is the raid of the theorycrafting website of the same name. You might know the guild leader of the community: Ion Hazzikostas, by now game director for World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ). Elitist Jerks was almost able to defeat the "Hardmode" version of Hakkar, only missing a few percent. But see for yourself:

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We assume that it won't be too long in WoW Classic before guilds like APES, Progress and co. try this challenge to claim the world-first kill for themselves. On some private servers, this feat is said to have already been accomplished. We are curious to see who will win the race in the end. Are you too?

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