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WoW Classic: "Black Lotus" hotfix was spot on - thumbs up, Blizz!

You have surely noticed it: A few days ago, the Blizzard developers put a hotfix on the WoW Classic live servers that noticeably changed the spawn properties of the rare Black Lotus plant.

The spawn

rates of Lotus have been increased, and there are now more places in the corresponding areas where a Lotus can grow. The

new spawn properties thus fit much better with the populations of the Classic servers, which are often much larger than the populations of the vanilla realms. At the same time, it is now much more difficult for bot users and the so-called "Black Lotus Mafia" to selectively mine the valuable herb around the clock and thus ultimately dominate the market and determine the price development.

On my server Razorfen a positive effect of the changes is already noticeable: Black Lotus prices have dropped in the Auction House, and it is now much easier to farm Black Lotus for personal use or for sale. Since the change, I've already been able to bag a Lotus five times, with number 6 being snatched from under my nose. That's already more lotuses than I've seen in the wild in all the time before.

There is

another change in the hotfix that I had not mentioned before: Dead characters can now only see a Black Lotus on the mini-map or in the world if they have Herb Lore at 300. This is the developers' response to the countless level 1 characters who have long lain at the various Black Lotus spawn points in the four high-level areas of Burning Steppe, Silithus, Winterspring, and Eastern Plaguelands to look for the plants. Some WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) players like WillE had documented in videos how widespread this problem was on many Classic servers.

And indeed: If you search on the affected servers today for level 1 characters that are in the above mentioned zones, you will not get any results


The measure shows effect (source: WillE). For how long? Well, of course, it could be that bot users are now leveling their level 1 characters and bringing herb lore to maximum with them, then parking them again next to the potential lotus spawn locations. However, due to the now significantly larger number of spawn points as well as the shorter respawn duration, this seems to me to be a lot of effort for a strategy that will probably yield less in the end than it did before the hotfix.

And since the prices for Black Lotus haven't dropped so low so far that you can now throw in the vials that can be produced with the Lotus at every opportunity (keyword "PvP"), I give Blizzard's change a thumbs up so far


Now the developers just have to take

care of the

other bots that farm some of the dungeons like Stratholme or Düsterbruch around the clock, and at the same time make sure that players are no longer banned for no reason.

Now it's up to you: How do you rate the Lotus hotfix? Did Blizzard do everything right? Tell us in the comments!

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