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WoW Classic: Bot sends 3,700 silk to wrong character

What would you do with 3,700 silks in WoW (buy now 14.99 € ) Classic? Put it in the auction house? Turn them into bandages and sell them at the next NPC trader? Save them until the launch of Ahn'Qiraj? Increase reputation with a capital faction? This is exactly the question that was recently posed in a Reddit post by Cebre. Because that same player had unexpectedly found 3,700 silks in the mailbox of his rogue twin Atiesh on the American Classic server Atiesh.

My Alt who's name is Atiesh on the Atiesh server received 3700 silk cloth from a bot by accident from r/classicwow They

were sent to him by several characters with similar sounding names, and each subject contained Asian characters. Apparently, a bot had mistyped the recipient's name and sent his farm products to the wrong character. So what to do? Regarding this question, commenters had a whole range of suggestions and opinions. However, many of the above suggestions have their weaknesses. Put 3,700 silks in the auction house? That's flooding the market, depressing prices, and hardly getting rid of anything in the end. Convert the stuff into bandages? That takes time. Bunkering the stuff? First you have to create countless bank characters and distribute the silk.

One reader suggested making bags out of the silk and giving them away to low-level characters. Some other players, on the other hand, recommended writing a ticket immediately so that Cebre wouldn't suddenly be banned. And that's exactly what the "giftee" did. The result: a few hours ago, Cebre announced that all silk had disappeared from his mail. So very likely, a Blizzard employee took care of the matter and found a time-saving solution for Cebre.

How does it look: Have you ever discovered something unexpected in your WoW mail? What would you do with 3,700 silks? Tell us in the comments!

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