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WoW Classic: Hardcore Raid ventures into Molten Core for the first time

The WoW Classic championship season is more exciting than first thought, mainly thanks to the hardcore community. In the process, many players not only want to master the maximum level 60 without visiting a spirit healer, but also successfully clean the Molten Core. "Road to Ragnaros" is the name of the fun.

Molten Core 2.0

This task is especially tricky because Blizzard developers have made Molten Core bosses noticeably more difficult for the championship season - with more adds, new mechanics, and significantly larger health buffers. Hardcore raids that want to successfully rake in epic loot without any deaths will need to prepare accordingly. In addition, you can't afford to make any mistakes during the execution. Every pull becomes a sweaty affair.

WoW Classic: Season of the Championship - trailer for the start of the season

And indeed, the first hardcore players recently took to Blackrock to challenge at least the two bosses Lucifron and Gehennas for the first time - for item upgrades and the Lulling Shot. You can watch the battles here:

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So Lucifron is accompanied by four (instead of two) servants here. Escape is still the name of the game, and no one is allowed to accidentally box the taken over. The raid concentrated on the boss first, the adds were tanked on the side. At Gehennas, four servants plus the boss also await the raid. In addition, players here have to live with the rain of fire almost continuously. Once again, the boss was the first to get hit, followed by the adds.

We are very curious to see how the raid group will do on the upcoming bosses. You too?

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