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WoW Classic: How Nefarian and the Dragon Duo play in BWL 2.0

In a few days, on February 10, 2022, the third phase of WoW Classic: Season of Championship will start! Included: the pimped bosses in the Bad Luck Lair (BWL for short). We already had a look at the new versions of Chromaggus, Razorgore, Vaelastrasz and Firewing. In the following, we'll tell you what to expect from Nefarian, Shadowwing, and Flamemaw (via WoWHead).

WoW Classic: Attack on the Pitchwing Hoard - Trailer

What's new in BWL 2.0

In WoW Classic, it was simply part of the speedrun guilds to fight Shadowwing and Flamemaw at the same time. In the championship season, you'll have to take on both dragons at the same time in any case. At the same time, a debuff mechanic reminiscent of the Four Horsemen from Naxxramas awaits you in the fight: each dragon deals a different brand to nearby players, stacking higher and higher. So your tanks, healers, and damage dealers must constantly rotate between the dragons in multiple groups. At the same time, the dragons should die almost simultaneously, as the survivor goes into a frenzy.

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Nefarian continues to focus on the class shouts. However, these now last significantly longer, which means that you have to deal with several class calls in parallel. In addition, these have been tightened up noticeably:

  • Druid Call: All druids turn into their cat form, you know this from Classic. Additionally, wandering root webs appear, rooting characters in and causing nature damage.
  • Hunter 'sCall: The weapons of the huntsmen break when applied. You know the drill. At the same time, copies of the weapons appear that cast a giant red laser on players. You can dodge it, and you should. The damage is high.
  • WarlockCall: Warlocks summon shadow orbs in space, which then fire numerous projectiles in random directions. Like a bullet-hell shooter, players must dodge these bullets.
  • Warrior Call: Not only do all warriors switch to berserk mode, clones of their weapons appear and charge and stun players.
  • MageCall: Mages continue to turn players into sheep, in addition to creating wands that cast Arcane Explosion.
  • Paladin Call: Paladins no longer only cast Blessing of Protection on Nefarian, but also summon swords that spread Consecration throughout the room.
  • Priest Call: Priests continue to distribute their corrupted healing, while also summoning Shadow Orbs that cast Mind Flay.
  • Rogue Call: Rogues continue to teleport in front of Nefarian. In addition, as with Warriors, clones of Rogue weapons appear, dealing Shadow damage to targeted players from a distance.
  • Shaman Call: Shamans cast a skipping lightning bolt that debuffs players when hit. This debuff gives the target 30% more movement, attack, and spell speed. At the same time, the debuff deals damage to all nearby players, and the effect also jumps over, like chain lightning.

You can find out what else will change with the upcoming phase in the WoW (buy now ) Classic mastery season in this overview

. Here's just one example: Each boss in Onyxia's Hoard, Molten Core, and Pitchwing's Hoard will drop one more loot item than normal starting with Phase 3. To the home page Jump to comments (0) Karsten Scholz