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WoW Classic: Run for your life! Thanks to Hardcore even UBRS is exciting

The optional Hardcore mode (and what the community makes of it, keyword: Road to Ragnaros) remains the biggest strength of the first season of the WoW Classic championship. Whether it's a leveling stage, a dungeon visit, or Molten Core, players approach all of the content from Vanilla Azeroth in a completely different way when their character only has one life. Even standing in Stormwind can be life-threatening.

Don't make any mistakes

Since it still takes a long time to get a character to level 60 in Mastery Season and equip them for the endgame (especially without a Spirit Healer visit), many players take extreme care in dungeons and raids. In Molten Core, hardcore groups have therefore only been able to lay "four" bosses (which is also due to the fact that Ragnaros and Co. are noticeably more difficult in SdM than in WoW Classic).

WoW Classic: Season of Mastery - Trailer for the start of the season

Even a simple visit to the Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS), which no player would have given a second thought about in WoW (buy now ) Classic (especially not with a 10-player group), can quickly turn into a thrilling fight for naked survival with hardcore characters - as the following video by Duran shows (via Icy Veins).

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Sheep with consequences

The "HC Elite" group of three hunters, two rogues, two priests, two warriors and a mage had already cautiously made their way to the large room in front of the beast when a patrol got a little too close to enemies that had not yet been padded into a sheep. When the "Pat" was brought out, the so-called "Chain-Pull" occurred and suddenly the players had to deal with lots of orcs and dragons.

Almost immediately, the mage was hit. All the other characters then took to their heels and had a head-to-head race with the dragons, who are immune to traps, to the instance entrance. Thanks to targeted heals and control effects, there were no more deaths, but it was pretty close at times. You could read the tension on the Youtuber's face.

How does it look like: Have you also created a hardcore character for the championship season? Or is this variant too stressful for you? Tell us in the comments!

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