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WoW Classic: Unjustly banned - how broken is Blizzard's system?

Just recently, we reported that a WoW Classic player was unjustly banned for buying a total of 76 Black Lotus for 12,000 gold. The story ended well: After support requests failed to produce a solution, a public Reddit post stirred up enough dust to push those responsible at Blizzard to investigate again.

The investigation

revealed that the player's information was correct and the ban was lifted.


sad thing about this story is that this is not an isolated case. A few hours ago, the player DoxyDoxxx published a Reddit post based on the case mentioned at the beginning, because he was also permanently banned after buying large quantities of Black Lotus. Since his ticket has not produced the hoped-for reaction so far, he is now also relying on the community platform.

Another Reddit user by the name of Captiain Obvious went even further yesterday and, as someone who was also affected, summarized in his post various other cases in which WoW Classic players were unjustly banned, and if you skim over all these reports, two insights come to mind:


no. 1: Blizzard's (automated?!) ban system is obviously frustratingly unreliable.


#2: If you have been unjustly banned, the first step should of course always be to contact support and point out the error with as many helpful details as possible. However, all too often this alone does not seem to lead to the goal. It is more promising to make the case public, for example in the WoW Reddit section. This creates bad PR, which - in contrast to tickets, which are unfortunately often only answered with standard phrases - always makes Blizzard investigate cases more closely. The

whole thing becomes even sadder when you consider that on many WoW Classic servers, numerous bot characters have been up to no good for months, despite reports, without being banned


Here I recommend the channel of WillE, who has already addressed the issue in several videos. Here is an example:

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Will Blizzard be able to revamp the ban system at some point, reduce the number of unjustified bans to zero, and kick the numerous bots out of the open world and the dungeons? Unfortunately, I doubt it, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. What do you think?

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