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WoW Classic: World First - Progress masters Naxxramas in 90 minutes

With the opening of Naxxramas on the official WoW Classic servers, we finally got to find out how hard the final raid of Classic would really be after the previous raids were mastered in record time. However, Naxxramas was to hold the first stumbling blocks for some of the top guilds that prepared perfectly for the final raid.

In 2006, Nihilum was able to send Kel'Thuzad to the boards first, and in 2020 it was Progress who mastered the raid within 90 minutes. You can watch the whole run again in the VOD below.

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Progress's raid setup was customized for each boss. Overall, Progress's raid setup looked like this. Tanks were not used, by the way. All warriors were used as damage dealers in the raid.

  • 18 warriors
  • 7 priests
  • 7 mages
  • 6 paladins
  • 5 rogues
  • 4 Warlocks
  • 2 hunters
  • 1 druid

You can check out the official forums to see who were the first five guilds to defeat the final bosses of each wing first. Considering that so many top Classic guilds were eager for the World First and started right at the opening of the raid, it was a pretty clear cut affair for Progress. Tribe took the second win over Kel'Thuzad with 27 minutes to spare, followed by Onslaught, who missed World 2nd by just under 3 minutes.

Progress had no wipes, which was crucial in the end. Facing the biggest problems were the guilds The Four Horsemen, Sapphiron and some also had trouble with Loatheb and its special healing mechanic.

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