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WoW column: Less titanium forging = significantly more gameplay fun!

Do you know what I like best about WoW Classic? The possibility to gradually earn the best equipment for my rogue. Each boss has a predefined list of loot items that can be dropped. Sure, some pieces you never see for months. But when the object of desire finally appears and goes into your own pocket, the joy is great. So great, in fact, that even after many years, old Vanilla veterans could still remember special gems like Dragon Fang Talisman, Sting of Death, or Band of Accuria.

When randomness kills game fun

Over the years, Blizzard's developers have unfortunately made it harder and harder to chase the best possible set of gear with your character. In Battle for Azeroth, for example, armor and weapons not only came in umpteen item level variants, they could also be warforged, titaniumforged, or corrupted - if chance would have it. Speaking of which, chance and luck also played a big role in the weekly chest rewards. Even in PvP, you had to hope that you'd be lucky enough to get an item at the end of a game. Whether that item turned out to be an upgrade was another matter. In short, the system frustrated me more than it motivated me. The items had in almost all cases no tangible value, they were interchangeable ... or do you still remember a piece of loot from the BfA era?

Less is more!

For years now, the WoW community has been wishing for the removal of random elements like titan forged or the weekly crate for this very reason. And Blizzard has finally listened to us! Warforged and Titan Forged are no more. We can actually create a so-called best-in-slot list for our character again, on which we put the best items we can currently earn. And then we can target the exact activities that will allow us to earn the items on the list. Sweet! And it works: For the first time in years, I find myself scouring the bag lists of dungeon and raid fiends to note where potential upgrades await my rogue or demon hunter. Whether those items end up being ones I'll remember years from now, I doubt. But from my point of view, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Welcome back, PvP merchants!

We're also less reliant on randomness in the PvP area. The PvP merchants are back, offering useful gear that can be upgraded multiple times before the start of the first season. So it's enough to register regularly for the battlegrounds, and with little effort you can target some gaps in your own equipment or equip yourself with the PvP parts across the board. In general, it's nice that there are clothes again that you can earn through PvP and that are made for the player battles thanks to their versatility. The PvP jewelry pieces even provide a strong set bonus in a double pack.
Welcome back to the World of Warcraft: the new PvP traders! Source: buffed

Treasury with choice

Blizzard is also making an effort to take some of the randomness out of the loot equation. Instead of a box that promises us a random reward once a week, we'll earn a total of nine potential loot items from the start of Season 1 via PvP, raids, and Mythic Plus dungeons, from which we'll then be able to choose the most suitable loot for us in the Oribos Treasury. Yes, randomness is still part of the system here. However, the selection should result in something suitable much more often. The weapon tokens from Nathria Castle, which we can exchange for our desired beater, are in a similar vein. Or let's take the new Legendarys. While the counterparts from Legion dropped completely randomly, we can now work towards the best legendary effects for us. That also minimizes frustration.

Less is more!

The bottom line is that I'm having a lot of fun with the character progression in Shadowlands. However, there is definitely still room for improvement. Why don't the craftsmen have armor and weapons in their offer, which are complex to produce and therefore a great option for the first Nathria evenings? Instead, people are currently making a killing by randomly stumbling upon epic world drops with item level 190. Classic shows how it can be done better.

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