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WoW: Cool pets - The cuddly court messenger of the Venthyr in video

The range of pets in World of Warcraft is wide. They are available as loot, quest rewards, from the merchant, via professions, pet combat, achievements, world events and promotions, the Battle.net store, or discoveries. Equally numerous are the pet types: With Humanoid, Drachkin, Flying, Undead, Small Animal, Magical, Elemental, Wild Animal, Aquatic and Mechanical, there's everything a collector's heart could desire.

Some pets can be bought immediately from the merchants, others are only available after reaching a certain reputation level with the respective faction. These include, for example, some of the new pets from the Shadowlands expansion, such as the Scroll of the Court Messenger.

You can get it from Mistress Mihaela, the armorer of the Court of Harvesters, who can be found in Darkport in Revendreth. The scroll costs 250 Polished Pet Lucky Charms and is available at the Respectful reputation level.

When you click on the scroll, you will learn the Kamphaustier Hofbote

. The model is the same as that of the stone vampires, which you can meet as different NPCs such as saboteurs, gargoyles, messengers or flight masters in Revendreth. The most prominent representative of these vampiric midgets is Temel, who appears as the Sin Herald during the Quest and as the Feast Herald in the Gluthof the Venthyr. Now the model is nothing spectacular, but instead the cuddly stone monster has something that many pets lack: an excellent voice output when you click on it - especially in the German version.

In the following video, we introduce you to the "Temel to go" with all the voice outputs. Enjoy!

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