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WoW: Crafting with Stygia? New forge appeared in the PTR Maw

Anyone who regularly travels the Maw of Shadowlands in WoW these days is bound to collect certain amounts of the resource Stygia. However, the latter has a rather limited use, especially for those players who may not belong to the hardcore WoW gamers. When WoW patch 9.0.5 is released in March 2021

, however, that could change - a little bit, anyway.

Because the dataminers of Wow (buy now 14,99 € ) head have discovered a new item on the PTR of patch 9.0.5, the Stygia divining rod. Ve'nari will sell you this item for 1,500 Stygia, allowing you to search for special Stygia connects in the Maw. These are green glowing orbs that float around in hard-to-reach places in the Maw, and grant you a small amount of Stygia, as well as Stygia Dust and Stygia Silver

when you track them down with the Dowsing Rod.

Soul Forge for Stygia Crafting?

Stygia Dust and Stygia Silver play an important role in a new feature in the Maw in patch 9.0.5: Resourceful players have discovered a new anchor point for the grappling hook in the Doomhold, where the rare enemy Exos, Herald of Domination

resides, which you can buy from Ve'nari and which will swing you up to levels that are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach. Using this anchor point will take you to a platform containing a Soul Forge and a Soul Steel Anvil. There's also a portal here that will take you back to Zovaal's Cauldron.

What's special about the anvil is that you can right-click on it to open a special crafting menu called Stygia Crafting. This menu currently contains two items on the test server:

  • Stygia Ingot: Requires ten Stygia Dust and ten Stygia Silver.
  • Armored Shell: Requires Soulforge tools and ten Stygia ingots.

Where you can get the Soulsmith's tools is still unclear. We also don't know yet what the long-term benefits of Stygia Crafting will be. Wowhead's editorial team suspects that players may be able to use it to craft a new Maw mount, namely the Tower Shadehound. This mount is possibly meant to be the reward for the Feral Shadehound

quest, whose quest text talks about an "armored shell with runes" - which in turn matches the description of the aforementioned shell from Stygia Crafting.

What do you think of the idea of crafting a mount usable in the Maw using Stygia? Drop us your thoughts in the comments!


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