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WoW: Death knights get special dialogs with Alexstrasza in Dragonflight

In WoW: Legion, a special quest line came into play for each class, rewarding Heroes of Azeroth with a particularly fancy class mount. For most players at the time, the short scenario was a nice way to pass the time. For Death Knights, however, the trip to the Ruby Sanctum and the subsequent adventure had consequences. For with the resurrection of the Red Dragon Kyranastrasz, the Knights of the Black Blade incurred the wrath of Alexstrasza.

In an interview with WoWHead,Steve Danuser, Narrative Lead of WoW (buy now )

, revealed that the Lifebinder still remembers the crimes of the Death Knights very well. In Dragonflight, Blizzard wants to wrap this conflict in special dialogues between Alexstrasza and the Knights of the Black Blade:

WoWHead: I'm thinking a lot about dragons and our experience with dragons, and [Alexstrazsa] being apparently quite a prominent character in the upcoming expansion. But then I think I've got a Death Knight and I kind of killed all her kids. Is that something that she's going to hold against me?

Steve Danuser: Alexstrasza's seen a lot of carnage done to dragons you know both from other dragons and from the mortal races of the world. She is an optimistic person - she is a person who is looking towards the future of her kind and the future of Azeroth and those things - but she will definitely acknowledge some of the hard feelings towards some of those quests, and I think that if you played a death knight and engaged with some of that content then she might have some distinctive things to say to you that she wouldn't necessarily say to the random elven hunter or whoever else might come along. We really like doing that kind of conditional request text - that if you've got a particular history that's relevant to a character, that they call that out. So we're being mindful of that in the Dragon Isles, with Alexstrasza and other characters as well.

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The Poison Brood Enforcer

Here's a little reminder: In order to grab the Death Knight class mount Rotting Reins of the Poison Brood Conqueror, Death Knights in Legion had to complete a series of tasks for Bolvar, which include the following steps:

  • The Lich King tells of a vision caused by his helmet and sends you to Icecrown to sight a ghostly dragon skeleton.
  • Since the meaning of the vision is unclear, the Lich King sends you to the Temple of Wyrmruh in Dragonblight, where you are to interrogate some bronze dragons. They don't tell you much and throw you out.
  • The Lich King then sends you to the Ruby Sanctum. You are to infiltrate it this time to learn more about the dragon that fell in Icecrown. Here you have the choice to bypass or kill the red dragons present.
  • Once you find the book with the information you seek, the Lich King reveals to you that the bones of the dragon skeleton are still filled with life. In the hands of the Lich King, the dragon would bring corruption and undeath, so its secret was well kept.
  • Back in Icecrown, you play a short scenario and finally awaken the Red Dragon. The life energy in the dragon's skeleton attracts droves of undead, which you must kill to absorb the energy. Finally, you'll be able to transform the collected energy into an Unholy Essence, with the help of which you'll revive the dragon and take it over as a mount. The final video contains some nice references to the Wrath of Lich King cinematic trailer.
: Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer

The Lifebinder's ResentmentDeath Knights

who joined the Nachtfae in Shadowlands had to complete a special quest as part of their Pact campaign, asking the Red Dragon Lady Alexstraza for help


The Lifebinder grants most heroes their wish, but Alexstraza is hesitant about the Death Knights. Alexstrasza has no warm words for particularly insolent Death Knights who seek out the Dragon Queen on her class mount from Legion. Quite the opposite.

As soon as the Dragon Lady catches sight of the undead dragon, she reacts aggressively and threatens the Death Lord with the following words:

Alexstrasza's eyes narrow


Her sharp teeth and claws flash menacingly.

"You have some nerve showing up here, . What do you wish to wrest from the Red Dragonflight this time? "

Alexstrasza looks at you coolly


"Save your friends, . Well, I think it would be best if you left immediately. Not all of my children are as tolerant as I am. "

Appropriately, there is an emote when the death knight summons his tomb van


Alexstrasza notices your mount and looks at you with disappointment.

So Alexstrasza was not unaware of the Black Blade riders' visit to the Ruby Sanctum. She knows exactly what the Death Knights did in Legion to unlock their class mount. For this particular mount, the Death Knights had to kill countless Red Dragons.

For a short time, the disciples of the Lich King were even able to grab a feat during the quest line. "You are empty inside, just as I am." - With that, the Lich King bid you farewell when you mastered the Unholy Determination achievement and wiped out all the Red Dragons in the Ruby Sanctum. The joy was short-lived, however, as Blizzard removed the feat from the Death Knight achievement book with patch 7.2.5.


pro quoThe

undead dragon of the Death Realm is the deceased Red Dragon named Kyranastrasz


He was a great ancestor of the Red Dragonflight, who long ago sacrificed his life in the fight against a great evil. Alexstrasza and her swarm kept the secret of where exactly his mortal remains rested for thousands of years, lest the Scourge revive and enslave Kyranastrasz. The fact that a death knight had nevertheless succeeded in awakening the Red Dragon was a hard blow to the Lifebinder. So she and her children have a good reason to hate the Knights of the Black Blade.

Steve Danuser stated in the interview that the story writers will take this story into account in Dragonflight, but this does not mean that Alexstrasza will take revenge on the Death Knights. Except for special dialogues, there will be no harsh punishments for Death Knights on the part of Alexstrasza. We suspect that the Lifebinder will speak to the Black Blade Knight's conscience and call in a favor from Death Knights. Perhaps the Death Knights will be able to settle their score with Alexstrasza if they help the Dragon Aspects reclaim the Dragon Isles.

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