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WoW: Dragonflight: How will Blizzard make the professions as great as they used to be?

Already at the announcement of WoW: Dragonflight in April 2022 , the Blizzard developers emphasized that the revision of professions will be an important cornerstone of the upcoming expansion. New features are to come, but also tools for more comfort, crafting orders created by players, professional equipment and what was previously cut from the craft: Specializations!

WoW: Dragonflight: The most massive crafting rebuild. Since ever.

The future of professions

To ensure that the improvements to the crafts are aimed in the right direction, Blizzard is involving the community in the feedback process early on. Specifically, community manager Kaivax had already opened a thread for the future of the professions in the forum section of the Community Council 21 days ago. And since then, people have been posting and discussing there, and Blizzard representatives have also been speaking up again and again.

A few days ago, we had already published a report about the first developer statements. It was about leveling the professions, here are the most important findings again:

  • You won't automatically get better at your profession by crafting an item multiple times, as was previously the case. Instead, there will be several other ways to improve a profession and create higher quality items.
  • Gold will play a less important role for professions in the future: You'll still be able to buy resources and use gold to place corresponding crafting orders, but gold will no longer be important for improving in your profession.
  • Crafted items should be competitive with other end-game gear (and sometimes even "best in slot").
  • Those who want to craft raid gear will also get the resources they need from other sources such as Mythic+, PvP, and open-world activities.
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The new findings

Below you can find all the new findings from the developer posts of the last few days:

  • When it comes to recipes and crafting materials, the developers will also keep the realm of world PvP in mind. In addition, the developers do not want to force players into dungeons and raids. You should be able to master any profession without making even one group content. And if you're keen on a recipe from a dungeon or raid, you should be able to trade for it.
  • In Dragonflight, it should be possible to remake equipment you've already made with a lower resource cost, but (if you want) with different optional reagents (to change secondary stats, for example) and - if your skill has improved since the original build - with a better quality level. This ability to upgrade should make it feel worthwhile to craft items that may not yet have the best possible quality.
  • It should also be possible for non-crafters to issue orders for such item recreations.
  • Engineers should be able to craft some exciting new gadgets.
of Warcraft | Dragonflight - the new expansion
  • Quality of manufactured items / progression in professions is influenced by: Professions leveling, better professions equipment, specialization, use of high quality materials, use of special "finishing" reagents, increasing the character's inspiration, use of optional reagents.
  • You can increase your specialization by earning points. You get points for using a recipe for the first time, for finding something in the world (an old book about alchemy, for example), for special quests, for professional achievements, for producing items of the highest quality, for completing other players' crafting orders, and more.
  • The more inspiration your character has, the more likely you are to be inspired in crafting, which increases the quality of the item you craft - so, in a sense, a critical hit in crafting. However, inspiration is not necessary to create an item with maximum quality. You can do it without inspiration.
  • Profession equipment is made across professions. For example, blacksmiths make pickaxes for miners and needles for tailors.
  • The profession equipment will be an important source for you to increase profession-relevant values. Through your profession specialization you should also get access to value increases, the developers even talk about the fact that you can choose between several options within a specialization. Other sources include enchantments and consumable items.
  • Dragonflight will not increase the number of professions you can learn with a character.
  • It is still unclear if players will be allowed to issue crafting orders for recipes from previous expansions as well.
  • The developers are working on giving players even more storage space.
  • Not only the crafting professions, but also the gathering professions should gain in depth and complexity. However, there are no details on this yet.
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