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WoW Dragonflight: Leak reveals boss, pre-order race, and release date

Ever since the official announcement of WoW: Dragonflight on April 19, 2022, we've known that most of the supposed leaks that circulated on the Internet beforehand were simply made up. However, a post that went online on 4chan on April 16, 2022 hit the mark. Name of the expansion? Check. The Dracthyr as a new race? Check! The Invoker or Caller is the new class? Also correct - even if he is called Evoker. The same goes for the Dragon Isles and the number of new zones (four plus a tutorial zone for the Callers), and also for the revised talents and the return of Furorion.

WoW: Dragonflight - the cinematic for the announcement!

Wait, there's something missing?

However, all points are not consistent with Blizzard's announcements. Or let's put it another way: The leak lists some points that have not been announced by the WoW developers so far. However, since all the other features are true, chances are that these missing details could be true as well.

Point number 1: If you pre-order WoW (Buy Now ): Dragonflight pre-orders (which is not currently possible) will get access to a new Allied race. The Red Shirt Guy brings here the Darkfallen into the race, in the WoW forum is speculated among other things about Lightbound Forsaken. Hints can be drawn from some dataming finds related to patch 9.2.5: a Tirisfal map

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Final boss and release time

Item number 2:

Murozond is said to be the big baddie-in-chief of the upcoming expansion. We already know the leader of the Eternal Dragonflight from the dungeon End Times. Murozond is an anagram of Nozdormu. Nozdormu warned us back then that he would eventually go insane and that the circle would start all over again. Remarkably, the name Nozdormu was not mentioned once during the event. Also read these interesting stories 6

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Last but not least, the leaked list also includes a release timeframe in which Blizzard apparently wants to release WoW: Dragonflight: the first quarter of 2023. That would definitely fit well. At the event, there was only release information for WotLK Classic: The re-release of the Northrend adventure is supposed to be released sometime in 2022 and will certainly also serve as a bridge for the waiting period until Dragonflight. In retail WoW, meanwhile, we can expect another complete Shadowlands season with patch 9.2.5

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