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WoW: Dungeon master defeated - new old skybox above the ice crown

The older among you will remember, WoW: Shadowlands began with Sylvanas taking off Bolvar's Helm of Domination and tearing it into several pieces. This caused the border between our reality and the Shadowlands to collapse, allowing us to travel to the Otherworld. This fall of the boundary was also visually realized in the game, i n that the sky above Icecrown Citadel ripped open

and gave us a glimpse inside the Shadowlands. Since then, we've had a different skybox in Icecrown Northrend - at least for all characters who have traveled to the Shadowlands. Read also these interesting stories 49

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The dungeon master is defeated

During our time in the Shadowlands, our goal has always been to stop the Dungeon Master and restore the intended cycle of life and death - rebuilding the boundary between the afterlife and our reality. With the victory over the Dungeon Master, that is now accomplished.

We have saved the shadow lands and thus restored the natural order. Of course, the whole thing also manifests itself in the fact that the torn-open transition between the shadow lands and our reality has been closed again. The torn open sky above the Icecrown is now a thing of the past.

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However, this only applies if you have already been able to defeat the dungeon master. That should still be the case for the fewest WoW players at the moment. So if you want to have a last look at the transition, you should hurry up. Once you have defeated the dungeon master, the iconic image will finally disappear from the Icecrown skybox and the area will return to its old look.

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