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WoW: Dungeon tournament "The Great Push" with two Legion instances announced

WoW dungeon tournament The Great Push returns from December 10 to 12. Unlike MDI, this particular format is about who can complete dungeons at the highest Mythic Plus level rather than winning the race against time. Participants will play for the total prize pool of $20,000. In addition to Shadowlands dungeons, two Legion time-traveling dungeons will be thrown directly into the mix.

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  1. 1This is howThe Great Push works
  2. 2The schedule for The Great Push
  3. 3Howto watch The Great Push Wow Dungeon Tournament
  4. 4Aheadof schedule: The MDI Global Finals

Here's how The Great Push works

  • Anyone who can get five players together can sign up for the tournament through Gamebattles.
  • Players must first prove themselves in the "Proving Grounds" during the qualifying phase from December 3-5. Here, two keystones with a fixed affix combination will be provided, which the group must push as high as possible.
  • The top six teams will be invited to the main tournament, where they must complete various Shadowlands and Legion keystones as high as possible. The first four dungeons will be announced on Day 1. On Day 2 and Day 3, one more dungeon will be added to each.
  • To make things more exciting, the worst team will be eliminated at the end of each day. Thus, on the last day (Day 3), the four best teams will fight for the victory.
  • The winner is the one who has mastered the highest dungeon with the highest score.

The schedule for The Great Push

WoW: Dungeon tournament "The Great Push" with two Legion instances announced (2) Source: Blizzard

Players have until Monday, November 29 to register for the tournament. The Proving Grounds will start on December 3. The main tournament will take place from December 10.

How to watch The Great Push Wow Dungeon Tournament

The event will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their perspective via their own streaming channel. So you can follow your favorite player permanently or watch the official stream with commentators.

Even before: The MDI Global Finals

If you've already gotten a taste for WoW Mythic Dungeons, you can check out the MDI (Mythic Dungeon International) from October 29 to 31. The MDI will be broadcast exclusively on YouTube. Best follow the WoWEsports Twitter channel to not miss any updates and memes.

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