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WoW: Earn a whopping 1,250 Anima via Bolvar quest and Denathrius kill

With the quest Tracks of the Lion in the Winded Corridors of Torghast

(and the follow-up quest "The Captured King"), the quest series around ex-Lich King Bolvar Fordragon has reached its current end. It will surely continue with patch 9.1, right? Well, there were actually quite a few players who did not receive another quest from Bolvar afterwards.

Other Shadowlands visitors, however, were able to continue Bolvar's quest line and complete more missions. And what do they have that the former players don't? They have knocked down the old Count Denathrius in Castle Nathria and completed the quest Redemption for the Redeemer


If you have completed both, you can now look forward to the quest An Echo in the Darkness, which starts a short quest series with the following tasks:

  • The High Lord's Vision - Speak with Thrall and focus on the Helm of Dominance.
  • A Gramblade is Born - Speak with Bolvar
  • The Dungeon Master's Grip - Help Jaina break the connection between Bolvar and the Dungeon Master

As short as the quest series is, as rewarding it turns out to be. At the end there are five containers with 250 anima each. So you can earn 1,250 Anima in one fell swoop. That's worth it! By the way, you can also expect the cinematic with Sylvanas and Anduin

, which we already reported about a few days ago.

Those who only visit the WoW raids (buy now 14,99 € )

via the LFR mode will unfortunately have to wait a while longer. The fourth and last LFR wing of Castle Nathria opens its doors only on February 03, 2021.


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