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WoW: Echoes of Ny'alotha provide more and more Mythic-Plus-Leavers

The Corruption Merchant in WoW is a great thing. However, to be able to buy the right Contaminants at the right time, you need a lot of Echoes of Ny'alotha.


most effective way to collect them is through fast Mythic-Plus runs between difficulty levels 10 to 15 or in the arena (as long as you are often successful there and the games don't last long).

Especially players who want to secure the matching Corruption in the same week therefore run into Mythic-Plus dungeons without end. In the meantime, however, this has led to a very negative trend. In order to collect echoes from Ny'alotha as effectively as possible, some players look for good groups that are also after echoes and leave the dungeon after the first or second boss.

PSA - High io's leaving lower keys to farm echoes - anyone else experiencing this? solutions? from r/CompetitiveWoW

After these players see that the rest of the squad can complete the dungeon with no problem even as a foursome, they leave the group and find the next squad to pull off the same thing with. The reason for this is that these players will still receive the reward at the end of the instance if the rest of the party completes the Mythic Plus dungeon.The

fact that players still receive loot at the end of the dungeon even if they are removed is actually supposed to provide a bit more justice - at least that is the intention of the developers. However, this is exactly the system that is being increasingly exploited. Nasty echo farmers usually see how good the group is based on the Raider.io rating.

Here you can download the Raider.io addon

It sounds suboptimal - and we're not calling for not inviting good people - but if you're looking for a 5th player in the near future and a character with way too good gear or way too high a Raider.io score for your difficulty level signs up, you should be skeptical. Until then, you can only hope that Blizzard does something about these players and, if necessary, adjusts the reward at the end of the dungeon accordingly.

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