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WoW: Elimination of the pride affix causes boss nerf in the peaks of ascension

The seasonal affix of the first season of WoW Shadowlands was very popular across the board. As a so-called kiss/curse affix, it offered players not only an additional obstacle, but also a strong buff that could significantly simplify other dungeon content. And this is where the crux lies. Because with the removal of Pride, many groups on high stones are facing one minor problem or another - at least currently on the PTR. To prevent these problems from reaching the live servers in the first place, the developers are already swinging the nerf club and have toned down the first boss. The victim in this case was Ventunax in the peaks of Ascension.

  • Ventunax's Shadow Vortex now disappears after he casts Recharge.

So you'll be dealing with a maximum of two Shadow Vortexes at once. This is interesting in that most groups here have been using the Pride buff and Heroism/Battle Rage. Because the more vortices on the ground, the more the players have to move and the more the DpS drops. So if the boss isn't dead quickly, the fight could take a very, very long time. But since you have to do without the pride

buff in patch 9.1, the developers at Blizzard have now fixed the problem before it could have even become one on the live server.

With patch 9.1 there is once again a Kiss/Curse affix, but it increases your DpS in the long run and offers only little burst damage. As such, it will only help you defeat Ventunax very quickly to a limited extent.

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