World of Warcraft

WoW: Fed up with the confusing mushroom network of the Nachtfae? WeakAura helps

The four different pacts in WoW Shadowlands offer their members different advantages and disadvantages. What all pacts have in common, however, is their own fast travel system within the home area. This is themed to the area and the pact. For example, the Venthyr travel via various mirrors, while the Nachtfae use their mushroom network. However, the latter causes slight displeasure among players every now and then, as it is not as clearly designed as the travel systems of the other pacts. This has bothered the reddit user Inqe so much that he has unceremoniously made a small WeakAura, which brings some light into the darkness.

As soon as you are in the so-called mushroom room, in which all the mushrooms are arranged, with which you can travel to different places, the small WeakAura shows you clearly in a circle around the character, which mushroom leads you where. So you no longer have to walk to each mushroom and look at the tooltip from the extra button to see where it takes you. Instead, turn so that the location you want is in front of you and then walk purposefully towards the mushroom.

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If you use the system often, you probably know by heart which mushroom takes you where anyway. But if you're just getting access to it now because you've joined the Nachtfae with a Twink, for example, you might gratefully accept the little assistance. Unfortunately, the locations in the WeakAura are only in English, but in most cases this should not be a big problem.